Build A Thriving Bakery And Bake Sweet Treats In Live Motion Games’s Bakery Simulator

Build A Thriving Bakery And Bake Sweet Treats In Live Motion Games’s Bakery Simulator
Credit: Bakery Simulator via Steam

Publisher Ultimate Games S.A., Gaming Factory S.A. with developer Live Motion Games have announced a baking business-themed simulation game called Bakery Simulator. Players will set up their own bakery and then begin work creating decadent treats for customers.

The game doesn’t follow a storyline. Players are free to create their own as a beginning baker to a celebrity bakery owner. Players have to wake up before dawn to begin their work at the bakery. The gameplay is realistic and similar to what a baker may do in real life.

In Bakery Simulator, players will have to learn how to bake dozens of types of bread with realistic ingredients and then bake them using industrial kitchen appliances. Players have the freedom to follow a set recipe or come up with new ideas on their own. After the baked goods are ready, they can then serve customers or deliver orders to stores throughout the city.

While baking is an important part of the game, players will use the money they make from selling products back into their stores. Earn more money throughout time to invest more in the store and grow it into a popular business.

The bakery itself is highly customizable. Players can search for the perfect location for their business, then set it up. Everything from countertops, shelves, and tools can be purchased. After the business becomes successful, players can build fermentation chambers and a warehouse to store baked goods before it’s shipped.

Every day, players will have a list of clients they have to deliver to. This requires players to bake the right bread for each client or else lose their business. Some clients have unique tastes, which means they may request Georgian khachapuri or even bread sculptures. If players are successful, they’ll get paid more for their efforts.

Bakery Simulator takes place in an open world environment with a dynamic economy and constantly changing customer base. While players are working to develop their bakery, other bakeries nearby may open. While they may seem like formidable opponents, they may not last long on the market. Players will have to use their business experience depending on the state of the market to invest in new equipment. If players don’t try to innovate, it may mean the end of their bakery.

The game is not yet available, but the official Steam page has videos, devlogs, and screenshots available. The game is available to wishlist now on Steam, and there is no news for a console release.

Bakery Simulator will launch on PC via Steam in the future. No release date has been announced yet.