Blueberry Board, A Diy Customizable Mechanical Keyboard Kit Is Launched On Kickstarter

Blueberry Board, A Diy Customizable Mechanical Keyboard Kit Is Launched On Kickstarter
Credit: Inventions, Gadgets & Gizmos via YouTube

Blueberry Board, a fully customizable mechanical keyboard and is launched on Kickstarter earlier this month. A small keyboard company does this creative project from California that aims to expand the exciting hobby of building DIY keyboards.

This board spells full keyboard customization, from switches to keycaps, everything can be modified as per the users’ preference. The developer wants to ensure that the keyboards suited to most people from any walk of life. Hence, from professionals to avid gamers, everyone can use this kit to build their unique mechanical keyboards.

The developers claimed to have produced the “first DIY mechanical keyboard” that will not only be fun to create but also be highly customizable.

Options for both hot-swap and soldering are supported. The former will result in a faster building process, while the latter enables more hands to be involved in the building process.

From an aesthetical point of view, this keyboard will have a minimalistic design that can fit almost any setup. The keyboard is also designed to allow users to experience an ergonomic typing with an angled frame.

Users can build the mechanical keyboard from three distinct switches choices, namely red, blue, or brown. Each color offers different characteristics that cater to the needs of each user; the blue switch will have a clicky feel, loud noise and uses gaming case, the brown switch have tactile or small bumps on them with medium noise and uses design case, while the red switch has a linear or smooth feel and produces no sound with an office case.

The base model is simple and offers a great DIY experience that leads to a fantastic keyboard at a much lower price. The Underglow variant provides a quirky and cool illumination that surrounds the keyboard’s surface which gives off an illusory atmosphere. The RGB modifications consist of a beautiful, flashy backlight that makes the keyboard “the star of the day.”

Additionally, the keyboards come in several variations or models with different colors and materials.

Users can are given the option to modify the standard layout to fit their needs freely. They can add layers of keys that can be activated easily from a switch to programs. Various functionality can also be inserted into the layers, including media keys, number pads, and more. Macros can even be programmed in the keyboard for higher productivity.

The board supports both Apple macOS an Windows and is estimated to be shipped around December this year.