Bloo Kid 2 Is A Retro 2D Platformer Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Month

Bloo Kid 2 Is A Retro 2D Platformer Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Month
Credit: Handheld Players via YouTube

Bloo Kid 2, a platformer that has been available for PC and Mobile for years, is heading to the Nintendo Switch this November.

This game is a classic 2D retro-style platformer, featuring a fun storyline and old school graphics.

Bloo Kid 2 hops to an 8-bit music soundtrack, as the chiptune nods to old school arcade games.

Bloo Kid 2 is the sequel to the popular mobile game Bloo Kid.

In Bloo Kid, players helped Bloo Kid rescue his girlfriend from an evil Wizard. In the sequel coming to Nintendo Switch, Bloo Kid, and his girlfriend Pink Girl are relaxing and enjoying time with their baby Pink Kid. The family is hanging out in a park, minding their own business, when suddenly, a gargoyle-like winged beast swoops in and snatches Pink Kid, flying off to an unknown layer.

Bloo Kid hops into action, chasing the beast. A new adventure starts for Bloo Kid, and it will take him through five worlds, each with 12 levels to navigate through.

Here is a video by HandHeld Players showing off the gameplay for Bloo Kid 2.

Bloo Kid 2 has a plethora of secrets for the player to find out when making their way through the levels.

The boss fights are known to be challenging, so players will have to master the controls and mechanics of Bloo Kid if they hope to save Pink Kid from the diabolical plans of an mysterious enemy.

The controls are simple on the Nintendo Switch, and it functions like most platformer games.
The most important aspects of the platformer are moving and jumping. The directional pad is used to move, and the B button is to used to jump.

To defeat enemies, players will jump on them like any classic platformer. Bloo Kid has a double jump skill; the player can jump once, and then press B again while in the air to do a second jump in the form of a flip.

Each level has a time limit, so Bloo Kid can’t be dilly-dallying.

As the gamer makes their way through each level, there are yellow stars to collect. Try to collect all the stars for extra points! There are special stars scattered throughout each level, and if the player can find them, they’ll be rewarded.

Bloo Kid 2 comes out on November 18, and if gamers are interested, they can pre-purchase Bloo Kid 2 on Nintendo Switch for $3.99. A pre-purchase will also grant up to 20 Gold Points.