Blizzard Will Do Maintenance On Overwatch 2, But For A Shorter Period Than Thursday

Blizzard Will Do Maintenance On Overwatch 2, But For A Shorter Period Than Thursday

Blizzard will perform unexpected maintenance and pull down the Overwatch 2 servers, so players should prepare for downtime. This comes after a tumultuous launch for Overwatch 2, during which the multiplayer team shooter was subjected to at least two distributed denial of service attempts. Extended Thursday maintenance didn’t fix Overwatch 2’s issues, and Blizzard had to shut down the servers again on Friday.

People that play Overwatch 2 are probably already very familiar with the current issues. For example, Overwatch 2 has long waits that can take hours just to enter the game, and these lines are frequently disrupted, leaving players waiting in place without knowing it.

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Additionally, we’ve only scratched the surface of Overwatch 2’s technical issues, including non-appearing DLC, glitchy matchmaking, and incompatible cross-platform account merging. There is, in a nutshell, a lot to do.

On April 16 at 6:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET, Blizzard will begin shutting down the Overwatch 2 servers for maintenance, which will be down for roughly an hour. Downtime could be shorter or longer than expected. There has been no official word on what caused the outage, and the warning was sent only two hours before the systems crashed. However, Blizzard provided a detailed list of where Overwatch 2 still needs development in a post earlier on Thursday.

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For whatever reason, Blizzard has decided to undertake Overwatch 2 server maintenance during what would usually be considered peak hours in North America.

Firstly, it seems to fit in with the timeline of its creation. It’s preferable to release an update later in the day so that developers may go home, get some sleep, or check for new problems before it’s suddenly midnight.

Second, Blizzard may give European and Japanese peak playtime more weight than North American peak playtime. You can safely assume that this isn’t Blizzard’s preferred maintenance schedule.

With any luck, Blizzard will have all the bugs in Overwatch 2 ironed out soon so that players may enjoy the game without any interruptions.