Blizzard Unveils Signature Covenant Abilities Coming With Upcoming Shadowlands Expansion

Blizzard Unveils Signature Covenant Abilities Coming With Upcoming Shadowlands Expansion
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

New content makes the world spin, and there’s no new content quite as good as a whole new expansion. World of Warcraft‘s upcoming Shadowlands expansion brings a stunning amount of new content, including the new Covenant system.

If you haven’t followed the Shadowlands expansion, the Covenant system is one of the new faction systems coming. Once entering the Shadowlands themselves, players will encounter four factions that rule over the Shadowlands and will ally themselves with them. Each of them compliments a specific playstyle and grants unique items and abilities. Each class gets four unique abilities, but allying with a Covenant also grants one signature ability that captures the feel of the covenant.

There are four Covenants being added in with Shadowlands: the Kyrian, the Necrolords, Night Fae, and Venthyr. Lorewise, each fulfills a purpose in the Shadowlands, and characters will ally with one of them. While the decision can be reversed later, it’ll be costly, so make sure that you pick carefully. These four abilities may help you pick.

If you pick the Kyrian, you’ll be given the signature ability “Summon Steward.” This ability will summon a steward (obviously) to bring you a consumable Phial of Serenity. This item will restore some of your health as well as remove all cure, disease, poison, and bleed effects. Before they leave, the steward will also offer access to a number of once-per-day amenities.

The Venthyr keep their theme close to heart with a utility-based shadowy teleportation. The ability “Door of Shadows” will allow you to wend through the shadows and appear at the targeted location. The range and cooldown of this ability is currently unknown.

With the Necrolords, you’ll keep to the necromantic theme with “Fleshcraft.” This signature ability allows you to protect yourself from an amount of damage proportional to your maximum health, forming a shield of flesh and bone across you. The ability is buffed when near the corpse of a defeated enemy.

Finally, the Night Fae will grant you the utility-based “Soulshape.” Activating Soulshape will allow you to transform into a Vulpin, increasing your movement speed. You’ll also be allowed to reactivate the ability to blink forward. This ability lasts indefinitely in rest areas, and you’ll be able to find more forms to turn into as you play through Shadowlands.

These four abilities are each uniquely powerful without being so strong that most players will funnel towards one Covenant. Necrolords, for example, will be inherently useful for tanking, but some squishy classes may take it to improve their solo survivability. Which do you intend to align yourself with?