Blizzard Reveals Covenant Class Abilities Ahead Of World Of Warcraft’s Shadowlands Expansion

Blizzard Reveals Covenant Class Abilities Ahead Of World Of Warcraft’s Shadowlands Expansion
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

With World of Warcraft’s upcoming Shadowlands expansion, we have a massive amount of content being added. Earlier today, Blizzard revealed the unique class abilities that we’ll have access to with the Covenant system of Shadowlands.

There’s quite a bit to get into, as each of the 12 classes gets 4 abilities – 1 for each Covenant. Not every ability has been revealed yet, but there’s still plenty to read through!

These abilities stay thematically with each class. For example, the Death Knight abilities are all intrinsically necromantic. The Necrolord ability, “Abomination Limb,” causes you to sprout an additional limb to deal damage to nearby enemies and pull distant ones. Some of these replace current abilities, like Night Fae’s “Death’s Due,” a superpowered Death and Decay that replaces the ability.

Demon Hunters have three of their abilities complete, all three of which are focused on offense. The Kyrian ability, for example, carves explosive runes into the ground that deal arcane damage and shatter lesser soul fragments from enemies.

However, you may want to keep your future role for your class in mind. If you intend to spend the expansion as a healer, you might want to pick a covenant that focuses on enhancing those abilities. The Druid class, for example, will receive Kindred Spirits from the Kyrian. This ability bonds with an ally, allowing you to temporarily gain an affect from them based on their role and grant them one from yours.

Of course, you could also join the Night Fae as a Druid to obtain Convoke the Spirits. This ability causes you to rapidly cast 16 Druid spells over 4 seconds, which includes a mix of offensive, defensive, and healing spells on all valid targets.

Skipping to the world of ranged DPS, Hunters are getting a few things to improve the old Wombo-Combo. Allying with Venthyr will allow you to cast Flayed Shot, which causes enemies to bleed and can possibly make your next Kill Shot usable on any target, helping you to take down a larger number of enemies faster.

Mages are getting some solid offensive utility abilities though. Allying with Necrolord unlocks the Skeletal Mage form, which causes your Frostbolt, Fireball, and Arcane Blast abilities to do significantly more damage, as well as buffing all other spells considerably.

These are only a few selections from the list of nearly 50 different abilities that are being added in. Blizzard has revealed all the possible combinations if you want to start theorycrafting your future main!