Blizzard Announces New Features Overview of Upcoming Shadowlands Expansion – Massive Spoilers!

Blizzard Announces New Features Overview of Upcoming Shadowlands Expansion – Massive Spoilers!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

If you haven’t watched the new cinematic for the Shadowlands expansion, don’t read this article or watch the features overview!

Both contain massive spoilers for the cinematic trailer – and really, it’s only five minutes long anyway.

With the eternal veil torn asunder by Sylvanas, and the Helm of Domination along with it, Shadowlands is giving us a whole new plane of existence to explore this time. There’s plenty to look at visually, with one of the most drawing points being how many times something resembling the Helm of Domination appears veiled in shadow. Other than that, Blizzard has announced quite a few new features!

For starters, we have the expansion’s new zones. These zones are the Gothic vampiric Revendreth, the seemingly beautiful and natural Ardenweald, the spider-and-undeath-filled Maldraxxus, and the angelic Bastion. Each zone embodies the elements of the Shadowlands to an extent, with more certain to become clear as the expansion approaches.

What’s more, Blizzard is introducing covenants from these zones, with each zone having their own faction. This is a slight return to the Aldor and Scryer factions of Burning Crusade, but seems like it will have a much greater impact on the world around you depending on your choices. What the motives of each faction are is a complete mystery as of now. It’s easy to judge based on the aesthetic themes of each whether they’ll have “good” or “bad” intentions, but as of now, the motives remain a complete mystery. More important than silly old intentions, though, each covenant comes with their own set of armor!

There haven’t been any specifics given, but there will be new dungeons and raids as well. The feature trailer shows off a handful of what seem to be boss mobs, with Nathrezim possibly making some sort of a return outside of as Legion servants.

Another feature shown off is for players to “ascend the Tower of the Damned,” with no explanation as to what that exactly means. It appears outside of the mention of raids, so it could possibly be some sort of a challenge run, similar to the Mage’s Tower from Legion.

It’s impossible for Blizzard to show off all of the features in one two-minute long video. As Blizzcon and the year continues forward, players can expect a good amount of information regarding the new expansion. Either way, it looks like we won’t be returning to Azeroth this time around – the Shadowlands awaits.