Blizzard Releases The Sinatraa MVP Skin For Zarya, The Hero He Was Stuck Playing In GOATs

Blizzard Releases The Sinatraa MVP Skin For Zarya, The Hero He Was Stuck Playing In GOATs
Credit: Overwatch League via YouTube

Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won was a flex DPS player for the indomitable San Francisco Shock as recently as a month or two ago, where he shifted mid-season away from the Overwatch League, Blizzard’s tightly-controlled competitive league for Overwatch. He shifted over to Riot’s new first-person competitive shooter, Valorant halfway through season 3, leaving the San Francisco Shock for the Sentinels.

The key term here is that ‘Sinatraa’ is a flex DPS, who made his name with his Tracer and Genji play within Overwatch.

Then GOATs came and simply wouldn’t leave, where the league struggled to maintain views with a lack of DPS heroes anywhere and sluggishly-paced fights. During this time period of roughly a year and a half multiple DPS players were left to stagnate on the roster with many ultimately calling it quits permanently.

‘Sinatraa’ was relegated to a Zarya role, where his uncanny precision and cognizance of gameplay routines and patterns worked well with his team in creating and exploiting weaknesses in enemy teams, leading (along with Matt ‘Super’ DeLisi) the San Francisco Shock to their current perch as simply the best team in the Overwatch League.

Now, ‘Sinatraa’s’ Zarya play is precisely what brought the San Francisco Shock to such a heady position, but there’s an absolutely bizarre connotation involved in being immortalized in a game as a hero that you’d prefer not to play.

Rather than invoking the consistent dominance of Jay Won, it instead feels to remind Overwatch League fans of the year and a half of GOATs that was played while Blizzard focused, in their own words, on Overwatch 2 instead of ensuring overwatch was balanced and successful.

Perhaps it’s an unfair criticism; the skin itself brings a fantastic skin to Zarya whom has suffered in that department, compared to the skins of Reinhardt, Lucio, and Zenyatta.

The head has a strong aesthetic that is somewhat mired by the rest of the character wearing a suit that bears comparison to Men in Black outfits; the glowing eyes and cannon are additional points that help bleed into the cool-factor of the skin.

Which can be yours for $10, unless you can manage to get the OWL tokens to drop appropriately for you, which many have struggled with since Blizzard reinvoked the tokens via their official app and website.

This inevitably brings us yet again to the quagmire of the current season, where the question continues to be which player will receive the MVP of 2020. The current season has been upside-down and inside-out over recent months as battles with COVID-19, human rights in Hong Kong, and tensions rising between rosters and teams, resulting in segmented region-lock for the Overwatch League where the teams are only battling against other teams that they can find decent ping with.