Blizzard Has Just Shared More Details On The Highly Anticipated Overwatch 2

Blizzard Has Just Shared More Details On The Highly Anticipated Overwatch 2
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Overwatch has been an instrumental game in the online multiplayer space. Ever since it came out in 2016, it has slowly amassed so many loyal followers. Even today, it’s still one of the better first-person shooters you can find. That’s why so many gamers were ecstatic to find out that Blizzard was working on a sequel. This announcement came from BlizzCon 2019, and for many, it stole the show.

So far, we’ve seen glimpses of what the game will look like and have found out a little more about some of the new characters. Now just recently, we have even more information about the upcoming Overwatch 2 thanks to a recent blog interaction from assistant game director Aaron Keller and lead writer Michael Chu.

Starting off, Keller spoke a little bit more on the campaign. It seems like he wants fans to experience more of the worlds in Overwatch. The environments have always looked beautifully designed, but there has been limits on where your character could explore. Well, in the campaign, players will be able to go on gripping missions that give them the chance to venture off to different areas that further immerse them in the Overwatch lore.

Going from location to location will be just as amazing as the first-person shooter action, which is pretty novel for this series. It should take it in a fresh direction and also give the sequel a lot of re-playability. Keller went on to talk a little bit about the leveling system. Apparently, players will have the ability to acquire elements that can be used to power up their chosen character in different ways.

Speaking of characters, there will be many more coming to Overwatch 2. That’s great news, especially considering the original already has so many fantastic ones. Who knows what different abilities and cosmetics these new additions will possess? You can be certain Blizzard will do their best to give fans a lot of variety, though.

Lastly, lead writer Chu went into detail about how the story in the campaign will be written. It will have a more standard format, with a beginning, middle, and end. This linear progression should have a bunch of twists and amazing revelations all throughout, which should make gamers care more about the Overwatch lore. That’s a pretty important component of this sequel.

All of these details are painting quite the picture for Overwatch 2, which is releasing on all major systems. It seems like Blizzard is doing everything necessary to deliver something truly great.