Arma 3 Developers Update Beleaguered Global Mobilization DLC Featuring Cold War Germany

Arma 3 Developers Update Beleaguered Global Mobilization DLC Featuring Cold War Germany
Credit: Arma 3 via YouTube

Arma 3 stays at the forefront of military simulation, with bafflingly realistic ballistics, true-to-life load-outs and equipment, and a horrifyingly realistic take on what combat actually feels like to experience.  With a wealth of DLC that ranges from new maps, to jets and tanks, developers Bohemia Interactive continue to increase the various toys for gamers to play with and offer modding tools as well to encourage community content.

The most recent addition to their DLC offerings is Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany, and it has admittedly taken some lumps from the community since its release.  Focusing on the conflict between the two Germanies in the 1980s (yes, it was that recent), players can opt to fight for the East or West German armies, with Denmark also a viable faction (with a smaller force).

The DLC brought about 419 square kilometers, once again offering a surprisingly accurate topographical map of the northern German plains in and around Weferlingen.  There is also a winter variant of the map available within the DLC that blankets the region with snow, ice, and frigid winds.

One would expect the Iron Curtain of Weferlingen, and you would not be disappointed; Bohemia Interactive has paid tremendous attention to the terrain, to the point that walking through the map offered in the DLC is a bizarre museum punctuated by and orchestra of gunfire and explosions.

Ultimately bringing in 42 vehicles, 21 weapons, clothing and equipment that are era-accurate, and 10 missions for single-player matched with 17 multiplayer scenarios, one might wonder how this DLC could even be considered as beleaguered.

Bugs are everywhere, to the point that many owners of the DLC recommend installing cheat mods that will allow you to teleport past invisible boundaries that convoys become stuck on.  Armored Personnel Carriers become stuck on rocks and trees, only to fly through the air seconds later.  Armored division formations are impossible to maintain with friendly AI, forcing players to manually position AI armor every time they stop to hold a berm.

Beyond vehicular problems, many users report soldiers becoming stuck in walls, the campaign being a poor mashed-together story with little to no cohesion, and beyond braindead AI ground-pounders.

The general consensus is that it’s a brilliant map with the standard high-quality uniforms and equipment that fans have come to expect from Bohemia Interactive, with a poorly cobbled-together story to push the assets as a DLC.

Despite this, the new update is roughly one extra GB of new high-quality assets.  6 new armored vehicles have been added, 8 weapons, and three new scopes.  Danish and Polish soldiers also received some new fatigues, with Summer and Winter variants.

There are zero mentions within this update in regards to AI, navmesh, or formation movements.  While the assets are, again, high-quality, it almost seems as though Bohemia Interactive are stumped in regards to why the community holds disdain towards this specific DLC. As a creator DLC, it’s superb; as a playable DLC, it is still very much lacking.