Bethesda Announces 24 Hour Charity Sale To Support Australia With Humble Bundle

Bethesda Announces 24 Hour Charity Sale To Support Australia With Humble Bundle
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Now, I can’t readily call out the industry juggernauts for not pitching in to help Australia without also conceding and noting when the so-called juggernauts throw their sizeable weight behind good causes.  Bethesda has announced that they’re teaming up with Humble Bundle as well (the seeming root of the industry gathering to help) to bring a sale where all proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross for relief efforts after the devastating fires.

The sale will begin on January 30 at 1000 EST until January 31st at 1000 EST.  All Bethesda games will be 33% off to help encourage gamers to purchase a title or five to help Australia.  Additionally, the Bethesda Store now has an adorable shirt with the Vault Boy holding a koala; 100% of the profits will go towards the Australian Salvation Army.

Users that wish to help can either shop through Humble Bundle, or the store, and there are a lot of titles if the vernacular used for the promotional materials hold; that all Bethesda titles will be included in the sale.  Now with a publisher/developer as storied and popular as Bethesda, there comes an issue that you may very well already have all of their flagship titles, from Skyrim to the Fallout franchise.

It’s worth noting that the DOOM franchise is held on the Bethesda store, along with the Wolfenstein franchise.  Additionally, some futuristic horror can be found in Prey and Dishonored 2 will be a steal at 33% off, making the title $26.80.

If you’re a fan of MMOs, The Elder Scrolls Online can be picked up, along with many of the expansions for the title that has experienced peaks and valleys in its short lifespan.  It’s currently unknown if the struggling Fallout 1st membership will be offered on sale as well, although with its status as being a recurring subscription, it likely won’t be.

Not that Fallout 1st has had outstanding reviews or even a shred of stability reported in the subscription that goes along with the equally unsteady Fallout 76.

While I am always among the first to report when Bethesda turns yet another corner against consumer friendliness, many titles haven’t yet experienced the modern-day predatory tactics and marketing that Bethesda seems keen to bring closer to their core.  When the cause is right, however, there’s absolutely no reason not to support a greater cause while exploring some of their titles for yourself.

Even if you hate the experience, Austalia will be tremendously grateful for your offerings.