Automatically Enhance Your Video Card With The mclassic External Dongle; No Need To Open Console To Improve The Graphics

Automatically Enhance Your Video Card With The mclassic External Dongle; No Need To Open Console To Improve The Graphics
Credit: Marseille Inc.

A Kickstarter campaign will soon be launched to raise funds for the mClassic Dongle, an external device designed to improve your video card without opening up your console immediately.

Introducing the mClassic Dongle, which promises to upgrade the graphics card or enhance the locked hardware of consoles.

The mClassic Dongle is designed to improve gameplay across multiple platforms like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even retro consoles. You have there the original PSP, the Xbox, the Super Family Computer, Sega Genesis, and other platforms.

The plug-and-play device seemed too good to be true. But then again, the company has a track record of delivering the impossible. After all, it’s the brains behind the HDMI cable equipped with a processing chip that automatically makes the gaming titles look better.

The mCable has both the Gaming and the Cinema edition, which means there’s something for everybody. With the device, you can immediately upscale the resolution for streaming, Cable TV, satellite, Blu-Ray disc, and games. For instance, your average 480p and 720p content will be upgraded to 1080p without you doing anything to your device.

It was a novel innovation. However, its size and other limitations have limited its release, and it never went mainstream.

The mClassic Dongle is powered by the VTV-1224 chip, along with the 4K chroma, as well as the 4:4:4 scaler processor. But what sets the device apart is the complex algorithms used by the external USB that will calibrate the sharpness and the pixels. It will then process the quality of the resolution for the very clear image without suffering from any lag.

It promises to get rid of the “jaggies” and the “shimmers” on the images on the screen. Jaggy is described as a stairstep-looking sharp edge, which occurs when the pixels (naturally square-shaped) try to create a curve. This is done through the anti-aliasing technology used by the company.

Meanwhile, the mClassic Dongle will scale the low resolution into high resolution, which is barely indistinguishable from the native high-res monitors. The external device can upscale the resolution from 2 million pixels up to 8 million pixels.

For now, the Kickstarter campaign for the mDongle has not started yet. But you can register now so you can be notified when it will be released. Those who sign up for the Kickstarter campaign will get a $20 discount from the original price of $99.