Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is Having Their First Community Day In Indianapolis Over Labor Day Weekend

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Is Having Their First Community Day In Indianapolis Over Labor Day Weekend
Credit: Niantic

Although Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has only just been released, Niantic has rapidly been opening up the app to countries around the world. To bring together fans of this new AR game, they are organizing the first community day set to take place at the end of August and go over Labor Day weekend.

This seems super ahead of schedule and is set during the PAX event happening in the same city. Warner Bros. and Niantic both announced a fan fest early at the preview event, so this has been planned for a while. It might be they chose this specific weekend due to people having time off for the event.

Questions about if the community is large enough for such an event have been raised, so a community day is a perfect chance to evaluate its impact. Whether or not the game is here to stay is unknown, but many around the world are happy to have a glimpse into the wizarding world.

It is important for fans to understand that this will be the third game that has come from Niantic using the AR system. Pokemon Go had to work very hard not to become another clone of Ingress, Niantics first game, and it seems that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has not found its standing yet. The game is already reaching the first problem with AR and GPS driven gaming as the rural areas are being left empty. While in the city players are finding Inns, Strongholds, Magical Trees and other interesting things to explore but if you move a mile outside of some towns you are left with nothing.

This problem has plagued Niantic since the launch of both Ingress and Pokemon Go as they require Google Maps and other locations of interest to pop up and allow an overlay to appear. Although adding the leveling and skill system making Harry Potter: Wizards Unite feel more like an RPG was a good decision, it would be in the best interest of the developers to aid their rural population.

It is to early to know whether or not this game will have quite the cultural imprint that its counterpart did, but many are optimistic. The fan fest will take place in Indianapolis on Labor day weekend somewhere in White River State Park. Interested players are invited to join as large communities can come together and make new friends that share their passion.