Apex Legend’s New Legend Horizon Has An Interesting Skillset, And A Potentially OVERPOWERED Ultimate

Apex Legend’s New Legend Horizon Has An Interesting Skillset, And A Potentially OVERPOWERED Ultimate
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legend’s next Legend, due with the launch of Season 7 in just a few hour’s time, is Horizon. Her character trailer was released today and it gives fans the first proper look at her abilities and skills, here’s a quick rundown of everything included in the video and how these skills might interact with each other.

Season 7 may be one of the biggest seasons so far for Apex Legends, bringing with it a brand new map, a new Legend, and a first for Apex – the new Trident hovercar. It also cements the game’s cross-play functionality and will feature upgrades for the next-gen Apex experience arriving with the new consoles later this month.

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First, though, let’s talk about Horizon. Her backstory was revealed last week in an animated Stories From The Outlands. She’s a Scottish mad scientist, kitted out with some sort of jumpsuit and a whole lot of experience with black holes. Her constant companion (a hovering robot called Newt) is capable of summoning black holes out of thin air.

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Horizon’s passive allows her to control her movement through the air and also prevents the stumble animation when you hit the floor. It’s not 100% clear – even from the trailer – what impact this actually has on her movement. Will have to wait and see when Season 7 starts on Wednesday.

Next up, her Tactical ability. This is a throwable gravity lift that raises players into the air, either your team or the enemy. It can be used to get the valuable high-ground advantage or to mess around with your opponents. When they’re up in the air they’re sitting ducks. This does mean that you are also vulnerable while using the ability.

Lastly, Horizon’s Ultimate. Even from the first teasers/reports of this Ultimate, I was a little concerned that it might be a bit broken at launch, and this trailer does confirm that her Ultimate is very strong.

Horizon launches Newt – her trust robot companion – and causes a Black Hole to appear, sucking in all players nearby. This means you can pull players out of cover or from high-ground. Once they’re in the Ulti they’re easy to hit.

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It will be interesting to see how this ability actually works. Will you be able to destroy Newt? Stop the black hole from even activating? Does a Gibby dome protect you from its pull? Regardless of its functionality, it looks like it might be super fun, and super strong.