Respawn Entertainment Shoots Down Apex Legends Theories: No Titans, No Sequel

Respawn Entertainment Shoots Down Apex Legends Theories: No Titans, No Sequel
Credit: Apex Legends via Youtube

It’s been less than six months since Respawn Entertainment shockingly debuted their new battle royale game, Apex Legends, and the game has had a rollercoaster of reactions since then.

While they kicked off with tons of success, the game fell a bit flat during their first season when they failed to introduce new content or a ranking system for players to enjoy.

Despite that, Apex Legends has been playing a swift game of catch-up in preparation for their highly anticipated second season, which begins on July 2nd.

In the wake of that, Apex has had a lot of exciting things going on, from a special event to an elite queue and even the surprise introduction of neutral dragons flying around the map.

With all the hype surrounding Apex, whether positive or negative, there are always questions to be had for the creators behind the game, Respawn Entertainment.

One question going around the Internet is whether or not Apex Legends will feature Titans. This is because Respawn Entertainment is known for its shooter game, Titanfall, and its sequels.

Apex Legends was developed based on what would have been Titanfall 3, however, CEO at Respawn, Vince Zampella, shared, “While it is in the Titanfall universe, it’s something new and unique. We want people to know and understand that.”

With that being said, Respawn also confirmed that they would not be introducing Titans to the game. After attempting to do so during Apex’s developmental stages for months, it was decided that it just wouldn’t work out.

Not only would there be balancing issues with Titans versus Legends, but it would likely also introduce Titan-specific gear and weapons that could threaten to create even more imbalances in-game.

Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment also shut down another idea swirling around the Internet that an Apex Legends sequel could be in the works for the future.

Since the game is so new, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be trying to piece together another adaptation so quickly, however, Respawn made it clear that there are zero plans for an Apex Legends 2 anywhere in the future.

Apex Legends executive producer, Drew McCoy, shared that Respawn does look at Apex as a “live game” that they intend to continue updating and working with through its ups-and-downs.

With season 2 quickly approaching, Apex Legends hopes to regain some of the popularity that they sustained early on. Creating a second version would take away focus from expanding the current game, which isn’t something Respawn wants to entertain.

Thankfully, they have kept up with a reasonably steady player base, and with new content on the way, Apex will likely continue to progress in the right direction.