World of Warcraft Is Taking Us Back To The Early Days With WoW Classic

World of Warcraft Is Taking Us Back To The Early Days With WoW Classic
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

It seems like in this day and age nostalgia is one thing that we just can’t seem to get enough of. The creators of World of Warcraft are no different.

Blizzard has been incredibly busy creating new updates and patches for World of Warcraft players to enjoy and they’ve also announced something that has all of us nostalgia fiends on the edge of our seats.

World of Warcraft Classic.

That’s right, World of Warcraft is bringing us servers that will recreate the classic 2006 version of Azeroth.

The Azeroth that pulled so many players into World of Warcraft where they first made the ultimate life choice of Horde vs. Alliance. A beta version of WoW Classic began on May 15th and a select few players have been invited to participate.

There is still a chance you can be included in the beta version too. If you haven’t already head over to your account under account settings and make sure you’ve checked that you’re interested in being part of the WoW Classic beta.

Aside from the beta testing, there will also be a few stress tests that are scheduled to occur before the launch:

Stress Test 1: May 22-2

Stress Test 2: June 19-20

Stress Test 3: July 18-19

These stress tests are public and will also have a level cap.

Character Creation and Bugs

World of Warcraft Classic is keeping true to its roots right down to the character creation. Expect to be seeing a lot of old styles and faces when you create your characters.

Character creation begins August 13 and each player with an active World of Warcraft subscription will have the opportunity to create three custom characters.

During the beta testing of WoW Classic there have been quite a few bug reports on pieces of the game that are not in fact bugs. So many of these “bugs” have been reported, that a list was released of things that are commonly reported as bugs, but are in fact working as they are meant to.

For those of us who are still actively playing World of Warcraft, good news! WoW Classic will be included with your monthly subscription. Those who have gone off to do other things but can’t resist the call of an old friend. WoW Classic will run you $15.00 a month.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to experience World of Warcraft as it was. If you’re ready to revisit the hype and some of the earliest days (and latest nights) you dedicated to the game

World of Warcraft Classic launches August 27.