Scavengers Brings A New World Of Survival And First Person Shooting To E3

Scavengers Brings A New World Of Survival And First Person Shooting To E3
Credit: Midwinter Entertainment

Scavengers is a game developed by Midwinter Entertainment where they envision a future Earth that has been plunged into the frigid cold. The moon has been destroyed, and this has caused the oceans to still and the entire planet to ice over. Humanity has taken refuge on a space station ran by an AI that is less than perfect. As it orbits over the planet, decisions have to be made to the survival of the species.

The AI has chosen to send your four-person crew down to the surface to collect materials for building a future for humanity. Unfortunately, what was believed to be an easy mission becomes challenging as feral settlers and hungry animals pose a threat to the team. Radiation has begun to sink into the planet and cause some beasts to mutant into shadows of what they once were.

Scavengers relies on excellent team communication and moving quickly across the barren ice. As giant storms whirl through the map freezing unsuspecting survivors in second camping in a single spot is just not a good option. Players must think on the run and work together if they are to complete their mission.

The beginning of survival starts as all good survival games do. You must gather supplies and level up some crafting options to better aid in your chances of living. Once you have the basics down, it is time to find a nearby area and start seeking supplies specific to the randomized mission goals.

As you travel through the desolate wasteland, you will encounter local resistance or even other teams seeking to complete their mission. Although working together is a good option and will complete challenges more quickly most often that won’t be the case as you may have the only item that is needed by both teams.

The game does feature character classes such as melee, sniper, shotgunner, and healing support along with many more to be revealed during launch. Each class can build a unique weapon and has a special ability with cooldown timers. Strategic use of special skills can benefit teams that work together.

Although the mission and dangers of other people pose a threat, the most often case of death is cold. Rather than using a closing in zone like PUBG or Fortnite the tornados that revolve around the map are randomized and can combine into an even more powerful tornado. With limited supplies to survive the cold players that are not careful will end up frozen solid.

The game is still in an early build, and launch details are still being determined, but it looks like an interesting evolution into the survival genre.