An Important Update to Saints Row Is Coming This November

An Important Update to Saints Row Is Coming This November
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In November, Saints Row will receive a significant uprise. After letting the Saints Row brand lie primarily inactive, except for a few remasters for the past seven years, Volition brought the series back to life earlier this year with the release of a new game reboot. Many factors contributed to the disappointingly hostile reception the remake received from fans and critics alike.

The game was plagued with glitches, and as a result, it generally felt unfinished. In addition, the gameplay and the visuals needed to be updated, and fans were unhappy with the path the reboot took compared to the previous games in the series. After years of waiting for a new Saints Row game, it came as a bit of a disappointment, but Volition is determined to bring the game up to scratch and make it better.

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A new blog post by Volition has been published, providing further information on a planned update in November. The update will correct over 200 different bugs and offer numerous improvements to the system’s stability. Since its release in August, the game has been beset with issues relating to its challenges, strength, and co-op functioning. The update will primarily focus on fixing these aspects of the game.

The update will also contain the beginning of a series of quality-of-life enhancements, such as reducing the number of activities that require repetition, making the rewards for completing challenges more appealing, and many other things. Volition has also stated that new cosmetic DLCs will be released this year, some of which will be available to regular users at no additional cost.

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Volition has hinted that new story downloadable content would be added to Saints Row in 2023. This content will either be included in the game’s expansion pass or made available à la carte when it is finally released. Expect significant updates to the game over the next year due to upcoming downloadable content, which will feature new playable places in the city and unique gaming experiences.