AMD President And CEO Lisa Su Confirms The Release Of The Ryzen 4000 Chip Early In 2020

AMD President And CEO Lisa Su Confirms The Release Of The Ryzen 4000 Chip Early In 2020
Credit: Gamer Meld via YouTube

Great news for tech enthusiasts as current AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, confirmed the next-gen Ryzen 4000 Renoir APU is on its way to the market. She confirmed that the processor is set for launch, possibly the first quarter next year.

While it’s not yet clear what specific month, many speculate that the new Ryzen 4000 Renoir would be dropped during the CES 2020 Event happening in Las Vegas. The event, which is expected around January, will highlight some of the newest innovations from AMD.

Details about the processor, however, have been pouring in, and it would be based on the existing Zen 2 architecture. Some things are unclear, though, including the graphics structure. Unlike the next-gen consoles, PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett, the Zen 2 APU spots a Vega-based visual system. This means the overall make-up of the component is different from the new Navi architecture, which has been loaded into RX 5700 GPUs.

Considering the Vega architecture already has the 7nm die node, we can expect them not to have limitations when sitting alongside the Zen 2 7nm chipset. The Radeon VII GPU, though, also provided some excellent quality companionship with the 7nm architecture.

The fact that a single 8-core Zen 2 chipset is found in the GPU package, this would potentially maximize the core counts for mobile use of the AMD rigs. The CEO was in communications with a tech news agency, rehashing some of her anodyne responses when faced with questions from several tech analysts.

Dr. Lisa Su then made a surprising announcement that the 7m mobile chip will be released early in 2020. She says the company is excited for the upcoming year as the market will see next-generation mobile products. We will be seeing the 7nm mobile chip, which will pave the way for better smartphone performance and quality gaming.

The company is proud of its upcoming portfolio and ensures her audience that 2020 will be an even better year for the whole company as new lines of products are launched. With the release of Zen 3 desktops and the Zen 2-based APU rigged with the Ryzen 4000 processor, well get to experience a new generation of AMD’s power and the red team silicon dominating the tech market.

Nonetheless, we will be hearing more on the next-gen releases of AMD in the coming months and as the CES 2020 event nears.