Elder Scrolls Online Announces November Crown Store Showcase

Elder Scrolls Online Announces November Crown Store Showcase
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Website

Every month, The Elder Scrolls Online features new items in their Crown Store. These items include mostly cosmetic upgrades, mounts, and pets, plus home-related content.

The official website has released the full showcase of content coming to the Crown Store in November.

All ESO Plus members on any platform get access to exclusive deals and items. The free item this month is the Moons-Blessed Mane Statuette. This item is small enough to place on any table. Members can access the free statuette from November 7 to December 5.

ESO Plus members also get a discount on the New Moon Crown Crates. They’ll receive a 30% discount by purchasing the 15 crate bundle.

Available for all members is the Dungeon Explorer costume. This costume has been released before but is finally making a comeback. Wearing the outfit will hide the characters’ shields when stowed. The costume is available from November 14 to November 18.

New Moon Dragon Cult Garb is also coming to the store from November 21 to November 25. Now players can show their affiliation with the dragons of Tamriel.

For players who like their mount and pet to match their attire, they will be available in November as well. The Legendary Dragon Horse mount is coming to the Crown Store, along with the Legendary Dragon Wolf pet.

If players aren’t interested in a full costume, there’s also the Khajiiti Dragon Priest Mask Pack available from November 21 to November 25.

For those who enjoy making their own armor, various new motifs are coming to the Crown Store. Players can choose from the Refabricated Crafting Motif starting on November 14. There’s a chance the final boss Assembly General drops it in the Halls of Fabrication Trial.

The Dragonguard Crafting Motif is available early for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players on November 5 but is already available for PC players. Players can earn the chapters of this motif by completing daily Dragon Hunt and Dragonguard restoration quests in the Dragonguard Sanctum.

All of these items, plus many more, will be available for November. The website also promises, “Cheeky companions, adventurous apparels, and lovely lodgings are all coming to the in-game Crown Store this November.”

Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t release all of their new Crown Store content all at one time. Players will have to pay attention to when their favorite items are available to purchase.