AMD Assures No Issues In Supply For Upcoming RX-5500 Despite Problems In TSMC

AMD Assures No Issues In Supply For Upcoming RX-5500 Despite Problems In TSMC
Credit: WccftechTV via YouTube

AMD is ready to release its new RX-5500 graphics processing units in November. However, consumers and members of the supply chain may be concerned that there would be problems in answering the demand.

However, the tech giant has assured the market that there will be an abundant flow of inventory for the new GPUs. Simon Ng, one of the project managers of AMD’s Graphics Product Group, told PC Games N that there will be many units available of what is thought to be AMD’s most sought after next-generation GPUs.

This comes despite the news released three weeks ago that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has extended production times for its 7-nanometer chips. The story has got the market worried that there will be a shortfall in inventory during the first few weeks after the chip’s release into the market.

The story, which was published by DigiTimes, stated that the sudden spike in demand for the 7nm node led to tight supply lines. In response, TSMC has announced that production will extend to six months. Previously, turnaround time was estimated only at two months.

This PC Games N added, has caused manufacturing to proceed on a “first-in, first-out” basis. With supplies at a premium, partners will have to turn in their orders to TSMC as early as they can to ensure that there are ample chips produced to meet the demand from the market.

TSMC has also stated that it will be investing heavily in infrastructure in order to increase its capacity for the production of its advanced nodes. AMD stands to benefit from the move as it begins production of the Zen 3 server processors, which are set to be rolled out to the market next year.

MSI will be the first manufacturer to unveil a laptop carrying the RX-5500 in November. This particular model will carry the RX 5500M variant of the video processor. Two more manufacturers, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard, will follow soon within the same month.

In addition, Gigabyte will also be distributing video cards carrying both the RX-5500 XT and the base RX-5500 chips.

AMD has released limited information so far regarding the specs of the RX-5500. What is known, PC Games N said, is that the GPU will have 22 compute units or CU, and more than 1,400 RDNA cores. There are still no confirmed reports on performance, as well as VRAM capacity.