Indivisible Is Out Now For PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, This Beautiful Hand Drawn Platformer Is Ready To Battle

Indivisible Is Out Now For PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, This Beautiful Hand Drawn Platformer Is Ready To Battle
Credit: Lab Zero Games

Lab Zero Games, the studio known for Skullgirls, has produced another adventure. This new game is an RPG/platformer that continues to feature Lab Zero’s unique style of game design. Hand-drawn, hand-animated sequences play out in challenging platforming areas creating a one of a kind experience for gamers.

Indivisible stars Ajna, a young girl who must battle after her world is turned upside down. A mysterious power has awakened in her, and so now she travels the world of Loka to find answers and revenge. A massive cast and epic combat await any who enter this unique world.

Each new member of your team brings unique skills and abilities to the fight. You must choose who joins the battle alongside Ajna as you journey deeper and deeper into more dangerous parts of the world.

“Various cultures and mythologies inspire the game’s huge fantasy world, characters, and aesthetic design,” reads the game’s description. This mixture of design and cultures creates a unique blend of fantasy unseen until now. You unite people from faraway lands in an almost blissful blend of imagery and storytelling.

This is another game birthed from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The game met its goal on December 2, 2015. Four years later, the game has come to release on all major systems, and fans are more than ready for another epic adventure. This is still a new game, so the reviews are still rolling in, but the few that came early say it is a wonderful experience except for some small details.

The game requires a level of backtracking that some reviewers found annoying while the combat also had minor tweaks needed. For an indie project to advance to the final stage with so little criticism on launch is a mark of excellence indeed. GameRankings currently holds the game at a score of 81%, which has raised hope in the fanbase.

There is an active community already gathered in the discord server for this game. Their social media, website, and newsletters are active, resulting in hope for quick patches. If you want to join this growing community, you can find links to every associated media platform on the official Indivisible website.

This game is currently live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Steam is offering 10% off for launch, so now would be a good time to catch that deal and save some money. There is currently no information about DLC being added to this game post-launch, but the community seems to be remaining hopeful for the continued support of this game.