A Tweak To A Certain Genshin Impact Setting Facilitates Fishing In Sumeru’s New Fishing Sites

A Tweak To A Certain Genshin Impact Setting Facilitates Fishing In Sumeru’s New Fishing Sites

Due to Paimon’s interruptions, fishing in Genshin Impact may be a frustrating experience for some, but a setting modification allows players to pursue valuable fish in peace. Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact brought several new fishing places to Sumeru, enticing many for the first time to fish in the region.

Reddit user u/Massivecliff suggests turning off dialogue volume in the audio settings of Genshin Impact while fishing. Paimon converses with the Traveler while he fishes, but her words get repetitive pretty quickly. For instance, as the player pulls in a valued catch, Paimon will comment on his hunger. The new settings will make fishing more enjoyable, and the user may restore to the normal audio settings if desired.

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Payment includes 17 distinct fishing-related speech lines, which are activated under specific events, such as catching a fish or witnessing one escape. Although the Traveler talked a few times throughout the main plot of Genshin Impact, while fishing, the protagonist remains silent. In contrast, the Traveler grunts when fishing while Paimon speaks normally. She may be alluding to their first encounter in Mondstadt, in which the Traveler mistook Paimon for a fish and captured her. Many of the comments on u/Reddit Massivecliff’s thread include samples of Paimon’s conversation in Genshin Impact’s fishing minigame.

HoYoverse may easily rectify the matter in future updates for Genshin Impact. The developer may limit the quantity of talk during fishing and add fresh voice lines to make the experience more enjoyable. A new toggle function may silence fishing dialogue, so players wouldn’t need to disable all dialogue volumes while fishing.

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The Sumeru desert will receive new features in future Genshin Impact updates, such as version 3.1. HoYoverse may implement quality-of-life enhancements with these upgrades, but it remains to be seen if the modifications affect fishing in any capacity.

After adding more regions to Genshin Impact, HoYoverse will likely include even more new fish species and equipment.