A Newegg Early Black Friday Promotion Has Made The Neo Geo Mini Nearly 50% Off

A Newegg Early Black Friday Promotion Has Made The Neo Geo Mini Nearly 50% Off
Credit: Nintendo Wire via YouTube

Retro gaming is seeing a bit of a resurgence as of late. Gamers want to play games they grew up with as it takes them back to a simpler time when games didn’t rely so much on over the top visuals or gameplay. It’s as they say: Sometimes simpler is better. This is certainly true for a lot of classic games today.

Well, if you’ve wanted to play a lot of these games, your best bet was purchasing a mini arcade system. There are many of them on the market, but one of the best units has been the Neo Geo Mini. It’s a mini system packed full of incredible classics, from Fatal Fury to Metal Slug. Every important game of past generations is on here, giving you hours and hours of incredible nostalgia to enjoy.

If you wanted to purchase this system, you normally would have to pay upwards of $100. That’s a pretty steep price for a lot of gamers today, especially consider a lot of modern consoles are only a hundred dollars more. Every now and then, though, fate answers the call for gamers.

It just happened with this mini unit thanks to the people at Newegg. Right now, they’re running an early Black Friday sale on a lot of great games and systems. That includes the Neo Geo Mini. Instead of having to pay around $110, you can get it for a low $50. That’s around a 50% discount for an incredible system.

If you’ve had a retro gaming itch, now’s the perfect time to scratch it. The system comes equipped with a 3.5 inch LCD screen, which looks great even for today’s standards. The stereo speakers are pretty amazing as well even though this system is on the smaller side.

The fact that it is so small makes transporting it extremely convenient. It may thus open up your gaming options on the go. It is so small — in fact — that you can place it in the palm of your hand comfortably.

Playing iconic games has never been easier as this Neo Geo unit comes with a built-in instant-save feature. So if you want to hop on another game real quick, you can simply press a button and all of your progress will be saved. Switching from game to game has never been easier.

Additionally, if you want to experience these classic games on a television, you absolutely can thanks to compatible hookups. It’s the perfect system for retro gaming, quite honestly.