A New Look Of Ken In Street Fighter 6: An Statement From Capcom

A New Look Of Ken In Street Fighter 6: An Statement From Capcom
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Following the announcement of Ken’s appearance in Street Fighter 6, which was drastically different from previous appearances in the series, Capcom has provided some background on the character and described the circumstances for the drastic alteration.

Capcom has updated the Street Fighter 6 website to incorporate the newly announced characters, including Ken, Dalsim, and E. Honda, following yesterday’s enormous information leak. On these pages, you’ll find information about each Street Fighter 6 character, including their stats and background.

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While learning more about Dalsim and E. Honda is helpful, the character page for Ken is the most intriguing because it puts to rest rumors that he is divorced. The document discloses that Ken’s family and business were threatened by criminal allegations, forcing him to flee in an effort to protect them.

You may read about the guy who used to be the US national fighting champion and the VP of the Master’s Foundation back when you clicked on that link. Ken has been forced to leave his family and business behind as he goes into hiding after being accused of masterminding a criminal scheme. True, it doesn’t specifically state that he is not divorced, but it appears that was only a false rumor.

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In case you missed it, earlier this year, the whole cast of Street Fighter 6 was leaked online along with what appeared to be an art book, including extensive views of the character designs. Since this leak was the first confirmation of Ken’s participation, players have been quick to point out how worn out he appears in comparison to previous iterations of the Street Fighter series.

The Ken reveal trailer revealed that he would look like he did in the leaks, although the motivation behind this design choice was less tragic than we had originally thought. The dialogue that Ken uses during battles in the game is also consistent with his personality and does not suggest any radical changes.