A More Serious Space Adventure Game Called Still There Is Set To Release Later In The Year On Steam

A More Serious Space Adventure Game Called Still There Is Set To Release Later In The Year On Steam
Credit: Iceberg Interactive via YouTube

Space is always an interesting subject matter for video games. The vastness plays well to the mysterious aura of titles in this genre. There have been a lot of great space games over the years and some amazing titles to look forward to, including The Outer Worlds.

However, all of them probably won’t take the serious tones and humor that Still There is going for. This unique-looking game developed by GhostShark is including a lot of interesting elements. It features a Bento space lighthouse, which serves as the central location.

Throughout your time with this game, you’ll explore dark secrets of the past. There are all sorts of puzzles you’ll get to engage with, as well as witty AI. The humor is underscored in darkness, which captivates your attention as you plummet deeper into oblivion.

To celebrate this game’s fall release on Steam, an announcement trailer has surfaced. It pretty much gives you an accurate depiction of the more serious tones the developers were going for. It starts off with a somber score playing in the background, as a woman’s recorded voice describes the main character’s space obsession.

It’s just him aboard this space lighthouse, and as you can imagine, loneliness has to be a major emotion that Carl — the featured protagonist — has to deal with day in and day out. We see him completing different tasks aboard the lighthouse, from making coffee to playing digital chess. It seems like Carl has a lot of activities to keep his mind off the total isolation he’s faced to endure.

The trailer then ends with the tagline: How far is far enough? This could mean a lot of different things. Is Carl exploring the vastness of space in hopes of running away from his past? Something tragic seems to have happened to him at some point. We see a picture of the woman presumed to be talking and a young girl, most likely Carl’s daughter.

He just may be working on the lighthouse to figure out a way to go back into the past. Either way, you’ll have all the time in the world to discover Carl’s past and pending future. Still There seems to be taking the space exploration genre to new heights. As mentioned earlier, it’s heading to Steam sometime in the fall. It will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It looks like one of those games that will move you emotionally.