Zotnip’s Hyperspace Delivery Service Now Available On Mobile

Zotnip’s Hyperspace Delivery Service Now Available On Mobile
Credit: Hyperspace Delivery Service via Nintendo

Developer Zotnip has announced that its latest title Hyperspace Delivery Service is available for mobile. The game was previously released on PC in 2019 and later on the Nintendo Switch in March. The game is now ready to play on the App Store and Play Store.

The game’s trailer is from 2019, but the mobile experience will be similar. The game starts off inside a spaceship and players have to manage orders. The game becomes a whole new experience once it’s time to deliver the parcels. The dungeons are similar to older RPGs of the past, where players play in first-person and must carefully plan their course or else get lost inside a maze. Not only do parcels have to be delivered in time, but the player has to survive to deliver another day.

Players also have to manage their fuel, food, and supplies to make the delivery on time and keep the crew alive. Outside of the ship are various dangers as well, such as asteroids.

There are many ways to play the game. As captain, players can work the trade routes, become friendly with the crew to learn their strengths and weaknesses, mine for fuel and search for precious supplies, or fight robotic space pirates to protect the ship and the residents inside.

The captain’s primary goal is to deliver each package on time, which is much more complicated than it sounds. Players who want an extra challenge can try the perma-death hard mode, which may end the delivery service’s business quickly.

You’ve been hired by the Hyperspace Delivery Service to make a delivery to planet Miridian V. Located on the other side of explored space, the trip to Miridian V will be a dangerous yet lucrative journey full of mad robots, space pirates, and unpredictable stellar phenomenon. Can you and your crew survive the trip? Will you die from the dreaded Telunian flu?

Hyperspace Delivery Service offers an exciting and challenging journey where you must manage your fuel, oxygen, food, and various other supplies to make your delivery within the target time.

The title is a premium game and comes at the price of $3.99 on mobile. The price means that there are no additional ads to disrupt gameplay. The game is a 479.5 MB download and requires iOS 10 or later. The only available language option is English.

Hyperspace Delivery Service is available now as a digital download on PC, the Nintendo Switch eShop, and now on the App Store and Play Store.