Yes, Your Grace Finally Receives Its Awaited Release Date On The Steam Platform

Yes, Your Grace Finally Receives Its Awaited Release Date On The Steam Platform
Credit: No More Robots via YoouTube

Classic good news, bad news dilemma; good news is you’re finally the King, and can rule your lands justly.  The bad news is that rather than being out chasing dragons and the like, you find yourself stuck in the royal throne listening to peasants and lords with the trifling quibbles every day while your butt falls asleep.  It’s a hard life, but someone has got to do it.

Yes, Your Grace is the kingdom simulator that is coming to Steam, with the core gameplay loop as sitting in your prestigious throne, listening to your subjects request help.  If it sounds tedious, that’s because it was.  Take heart, as you’ll actually be doing far more than listening to the problems from a peasant that is readily replaceable.

First, release date: development studio Brave At Night have taken to Twitter to announce a release date, and it’s within a month.

Not Early Access, not a demo, but the fully fleshed out title.

Yes, Your Grace actually becomes a difficult balancing act to strike between offering your limited resources to help the less fortunate, to ensuring your lands are well defended from those that would do your people harm.  You hire various agents from hunters to witches to ensure the populace is cared for, while supporting various personalities that you believe have the kingdoms best interest at heart.

You’ll find yourself preparing your forces for battle to defend your kingdom against fiends and bandits, while interacting with your family in a manner that will ultimately decide their fate.

It seems best described as a cross between This Is The Police, where you would have to make resoundingly difficult decisions to keep everyone happy and not lying in the gutter somewhere, along with Reigns, where you would be presented with a seemingly unending number of choices to make that would all drastically affect your rule.

It promises to be simultaneously quirky and difficult, with the balance being found somewhere on a razor’s edge that you’ll spend the length of the game desperately struggling to find as everything falls apart around you.

From trade to war, from beasts terrorizing villages to foreign armies appearing on your borders, you’ll have nary a dull moment as you step into the finely-adorned shoes of King Eryk, of the land of Davern.  The only thing to still ponder about as the time draws ever near, is how your Kingdom will fall into ruin.