Yacht Club Games Announces Sequel To Shovel Knight; Developer Takes Players Underground

Yacht Club Games Announces Sequel To Shovel Knight; Developer Takes Players Underground
Credit: Yacht Club Games via YouTube

Shovel Knight Dig, a subsurface platformer from Yacht Club Games, is apparently in the pipeline.

This was confirmed by the developer, which also released a trailer for the new game on Aug. 28. The announcement came five years after the launch on the original title, Shovel Knight. Yacht Club Games partnered with Nitrome to work on the project, which already took a year of their time.

But fans of the game shouldn’t get their hopes up. Even with the trailer’s release, the company said that they still have a long way to go. However, the short clip gives fans a taste of what to expect when it does come out.

Just like the first one, Shovel Knight is a 2-D side-scroller. It harkens back to the time where games were in 2D. The main character uses a shovel as a weapon to take down the Order of No Quarter. The shovel is also used to dig up treasures, which the hero collects.

In each level, the hero needs to find Chester, the salesman who then sells him relics, which are magic items. They can make the knight invisible, for instance, or shoot projectiles.

In Shovel Knight Dig, the hero is resting in his campsite when he is attacked by the Drill Knight and his minions. The crew then went underground after stealing his treasure, thinking they can escape him. However, the knight uses his shovel to chase them.

The subsurface world is a much different place. There will be new enemies and friends. You will visit mysterious lands that nobody above ground could even begin to imagine. You also have to equip yourself with weapons and gear to fulfill your mission.

The sequel makes use of newer technology for high fidelity color. Of course, you are still going to play in all its pixelated glory.

According to Yacht Games, they designed the game to be enjoyed over and over again. They made sure that each adventure is different, so when you play again, it’s like playing for the first time.

Those who played the original game would be familiar with the controls of the sequel. Although, there’s a new kink to the controls for Shovel Knight Dig. And this is the down direction, which is understandable since you are underworld, after all.

For now, there’s no release date yet for Shovel Knight Dig. Watch out for more news and development on the game, which will be published when they come along.