Humble Bundle Deal Is Making The Racing Simulator Dirt Rally Free For A Limited Time

Humble Bundle Deal Is Making The Racing Simulator Dirt Rally Free For A Limited Time
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

It seems like the season of giving for PC users. The Epic Games Store continues to deliver free offerings on some noteworthy titles. It appears Humble Bundle will not be outshined, as they’re currently offering the racing simulator Dirt Rally for free. Considering this game goes for around $40 on the Steam store, this is a huge deal that you shouldn’t pass up. All you have to do is sign up to Humble Bundle’s newsletter.

It’s currently one of the highest rated games of this genre. The people at Codemasters Racing Studio did a phenomenal job with this game’s mechanics. They’re pretty spot on to what you would experience in an actual rally car. The elements certainly come into play as you drift around corners and take hard u-turns on a moment’s notice.

If you’re not experienced with these types of racing simulators, Dirt Rally will be a challenge at first. A lot of skill goes into making the perfect turns and adapting to course conditions throughout each race. That difficulty just further immerses you in the intense racing action, though.

Even the smaller details like mud stains on your rally car paint an authentic picture. You’ll never view a racing simulator the same after experiencing Dirt Rally. In addition to the authentic driving mechanics, the game includes fully licensed World Rallycross content.

That means getting behind the wheels of some of the best-rated rally cars currently in circuit this year. The decals are true to form, the sponsors are limitless, and the competition is as intense as it has ever been.

You can test out your skills in the single-player mode, where you’ll have access to so many tracks. No two are alike. The multiplayer races are even more intense. Cred and bragging rights are up for grabs as you test your mettle against some of the best rally racers across the globe.

If you enjoy a bit of a grind, you’ll probably get a lot of excitement out of the Rally Championships mode. It is here where you’ll start at the bottom of the totem pole. Through hard work and exceptional driving, you’ll slowly climb the ranks into stardom. Every win is a step closer to gaining massive endorsements and celebrity status.

Dirt Rally really hits all of the right notes for a racing simulator. You can’t get enough of the intense action, whether you’re drifting or gunning it on a straightaway. The vast selection of cars will keep you progressing and finding the perfect harmony between man and machine. Oh, and this game supports VR headsets.