WWE 2K20 December Patch Update Fixes More Bugs And Adds Create-A-Championship

WWE 2K20 December Patch Update Fixes More Bugs And Adds Create-A-Championship
Credit: WWEgames via Twitter

After the difficult launch of WWE 2K20, 2K Games has been trying to make it up to players. When the game first launched, there were extensive bugs, missing items from the expensive Collector’s Edition, and more.

They recently rolled out their fourth patch that not only fixes bugs but adds more content.

The newest patch rolled out yesterday with the full details available on the 2K Support website. The update covers general content, gameplay, creation menu, online issues, Universe mode, audio, MyPlayer/My Career center, 2K Central, and the WWE 2K20 Originals.

The most significant addition is the Create A Championship feature. Players can craft a unique championship according to their own rules. The addition of content may seem concerning, especially compared to the number of bugs to be fixed. Luckily, the newest update contains more bug fixes than new material.

Many of the crashes were also resolved. They include problems when the system runs out of memory, resuming a paused game, performing a forced sign out, entering the Showcase, Towers, and Original content. These fixes were also resolved when trying to start the game at the Legal screen and when accessing 2K Originals from other game modes.

There were some resolutions to gameplay issues, including graphics. 2K Games resolved the clunky animations, collisions, plus reduced the amount of clipping. These particular graphics issues were often showcased in videos from players online. The issues with “Create a Video” were resolved, making it easier to share content.

Issues with the creation options saw some improvements, meaning that gamers can continue making videos, either showing off their skills. Several fixes were made to the “Create a Superstar” custom creator, along with accessing other’s characters in “Community Creations.” The “Create a Move-Set” infinite load screen issues were also resolved.

Players who love multiplayer will be happy to learn that many of the online issues were fixed. They include resolutions for “reported concerns about potential crashes, infinite load screen, and network error messages in various areas of Online Mode.”

The last major update was last November. This is likely the last major update before the end of the year, but hopefully, January will see another major patch. Gamers will see continued updates next year that will hopefully improve the WWE 2K20 experience.

WWE 2K20 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.