Players Are Adding Their Own NPCs In Fallout 76 In Lieu Of Wastelanders Update

Players Are Adding Their Own NPCs In Fallout 76 In Lieu Of Wastelanders Update
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Fallout 76 has been one of the more disappointing games in recent memory. It had a lot of potential and it was marketed as one of the better installments in the storied franchise to date. Unfortunately, Bethesda pushed the game out before it was ready. This led to a bevvy of bugs and a lack of meaningful content.

There are still those holding out hope that everything will be much better when the Wastelanders update finally comes out. It’s going to introduce NPCs to the game, a requested feature since launch. As it stands currently, there are no rich personalities to interact with in Fallout 76. This creates an isolated experience, especially when playing alone and wandering about the post-apocalyptic West Virginia lands.

The major update was supposed to be available in 2019. Unfortunately, Bethesda realized the massive undertaking of adding a bunch of NPCs to the game and have since pushed the update back into the first quarter of 2020. Needless to say, this has upset many in the Fallout community.

Select users have been so upset that they’ve taken the liberty to introduce NPCs to Fallout 76 on their own accord. The modding community has always been strong with this franchise, and that’s a great thing if you’ve wanted to see the true potential of the polarizing Fallout 76.

A couple of modders have somehow duplicated Wooby, the main NPC that’s secretly hidden in a dev room in the game. There are gameplay clips showing dozens of Woody models everywhere. Not only that, but Preston Garvey also has been added somehow. You might remember him from Fallout 4.

This modding effort occurred when a small community realized they could spawn in items at will. A couple of days later, they figured out they could spawn any NPC they wanted too. That includes the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. Talk about ingenuity at its finest.

Even though Fallout 76 started on a rocky road, it’s clear the modding community isn’t willing to give up on the game. These NPCs are a welcomed addition that should hold over fans until the official Wastelanders update comes out next year.

Feeling a little lonely or want to spam a bunch of your favorite NPCs into Fallout 76? It’s all possible. The only caveat is most of the NPCs that are introduced thanks to this mod appear in their underwear. Still, it’s better than walking around West Virginia like a straggler looking for human connection.