Woven Has Been Released For Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And Steam A Wacky Woolly Adventure In A Land Of Plush

Woven Has Been Released For Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And Steam A Wacky Woolly Adventure In A Land Of Plush
Credit: Alterego Games

Alterego Games has released a land of stuffed animals in a world of wool. It is a land of soft knitted hills and neatly quilted rocks all comfy and cozy and ready to rest. The game is like a bedtime story, but not all is well in this colorful land.

There is a dark past that hovers over the world in Woven. This past is coming after the woolen inhabitants creating a threat that could end their very lives. It is time to stuff up and charge headfirst into danger to free the land and return to a time of plush tranquility.

You take the role of Stuffy, a kind and clumsy elephant who is all alone. Quickly along your adventure, you find and awaken Glitch, a mysterious metal firely that has lost all his memories and is hopelessly lost. This is the start of a beautiful friendship of elephant and firefly as you began a journey across the land.

The puzzles are difficult for your elephant. Heavy feet and clumsy arms only go to complicate matters as you encounter challenge after challenge. With the help of Glitch, you find blueprints of different animal shapes and scan them, allowing you to reknit Stuffy into different animals.

The game is made up of finding and combing the right blueprints with the right challenge. Each stuffed animal has its skillset and unique body parts that will help you overcome varying challenges. It is important to pay attention when mix and matching body parts as the puzzles each have several different solutions.

The colorful world is full of unique ambiance and soundtracks. You are free to enjoy it at your own pace and find hundreds of hidden fabrics. You can even customize the color letting you create the most adorable outfits for your stuffed animal character.

The world is full of adorable cute creatures, epic woolen guardians, and mystical beings. They all know of Stuffy’s kind, but none know the true reason they left and why Stuffy is still there. Quickly learn why this metal machines are invading, and finding Glitch’s lost memories may be the key to all the questions of this land.

This game is available for $19.99 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. This is an amazing looking journey through a land of hidden dangers. Help Stuffy find the truth and bring about peace to the land of your woolen friends.