World Of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International Third Cup Comes To An End, Deciding The Roster For June’s Finals

World Of Warcraft’s Mythic Dungeon International Third Cup Comes To An End, Deciding The Roster For June’s Finals
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging around the world, esports have essentially all moved online, shifting events drastically. Some developers and organizers have been able to adapt well to the changes.

Blizzard is certainly one of those, and their recent World of Warcraft tournament, the Mythic Dungeon International, has hit a landmark. This weekend, the last cup of their North American tournament has come to an end.

With the end of the cup phase, we have our four teams that will be moving onto the finals next month! As the EU/Asia region has already finished their cups, we now have the full roster for the finals.

After three weekends of stiff competition and incredible drama, Method NA has claimed dominance over the rest of North America. Winning all three grand finals of the cups, Method NA comes in first with a perfect finish, never once dropping a single match, though they did drop a dungeon or two.

Coming in second was Ethical, who also had an absolutely fantastic showing through the tournaments. While unable to topple the titan that Method NA proved to be, Ethical showed a great amount of promise and ability through their performances.

Third and fourth to round out the roster, we have Complexity Limit and Goosy Bad. Complexity Limit had an uncharacteristically poor showing in the final cup, but remained solid throughout the majority of the tournament regardless.

Goosy Bad had a bit of a bizarre end to the tournament as well. The team was forced to forfeit a match and drop to the lower bracket after connection issues rendered them unable to compete. That aside, the team had a wonderfully dominant showing and secure their well-deserved spot in the finals.

With the cups finished, the following eight teams will make up the roster for the finals event:

  • Method NA
  • Method EU
  • Ethical
  • Perplexed
  • Complexity Limit
  • Deplete From Beyond
  • Goosy Bad
  • The Boys

These eight teams are certain to show a great amount of dominance, but at this moment, it’s difficult to tell who is going to be a winner. History tells us that the victory likely will go to one of the Method teams, and Method NA arguably had a more powerful showing in their cups than their European counterpart did.

Still, no team can be ruled out. Ethical and Perplexed have shown in their tournaments that they’re barely behind the Methods, and are going to be bringing a formidable challenge to the pair of champions. Even the seventh and eighth seeds, Goosy Bad and The Boys, are more than in the running.