World Of Warcraft’s Horrific Vision Cycles To Orgrimmar With An Easy Set Of Madness Effects This Week

World Of Warcraft’s Horrific Vision Cycles To Orgrimmar With An Easy Set Of Madness Effects This Week
Credit: World of Warcraft

Blizzard’s endgame content for the soon-to-end Battle for Azeroth expansion is based quite heavily around Old God influence and the war against N’zoth the Corruptor. As such, it’s fitting that one of the primary sources of endgame content now the Horrific Visions that cycle through.

Horrific Visions provide players with a replayable source of drops, resources, and challenges. As often as they can afford, players are able to dive into the Horrific Vision of one of the capital cities – Orgrimmar or Stormwind – and fight against the corruption in an alternate possibility of the world.

This week’s is taking us back to Orgrimmar, where players work to free the city from the tyranny of an insane Thrall. Believing that the blood of N’zoth is the only way for his people to live on, Thrall has turned away from shamanism and forces his city to drink the blood and become corrupted.

Of course, that’s all just the lore of it. Gameplay-wise, players race against their own slowly-draining sanity to free as much of the city as they can before finally taking down Thrall himself. Doing so successfully ends the Vision and gives you a few rewards.

Each week comes with a few different Madness effects, which become more intense depending on where you are. Thankfully, this week’s set of effects is significantly easier than it could be, providing challengers with a bit of slack.

The following effects will occur depending on where you are in Orgrimmar for this week’s Horrific Vision:

  • Madness: Bloodthirsty – Periodically strike those nearby, healing for a percentage of health per strike. (Tainted zones).
  • Madness: Dark Delusions – Shadows pursue you. Touching them inflicts heavy Shadow damage and stuns you for 4 seconds. (Corrupted zones).
  • Madness: Split Personality – Periodically find yourself surrounded by fearful mirror images. Touching one disorients you for 4 seconds. (Lost zones).

All of these madnesses are easy to overcome, as it’s as simple as not touching the shades that appear around you. They become a bit more difficult, however, if you apply the Mask of the Pained Madness. Doing so will transform the madness effects into the following:

  • Madness: Desynchronized – Spells and abilities disrupt time, occasionally making you much faster or slower. (Tainted zones).
  • Madness: Entomophobia – While in combat, creatures crawl across your screen. When 5 appear, you will be forced to run, effectively fearing you. Jumping removes these creatures. (Corrupted zones).
  • Madness: Haunting Shadows – Occasionally create a manifestation of fear, which can force you and nearby allies to run in fear. (Lost zones).

Even these madnesses aren’t exceptionally difficult and can generally be overcome with a bit of mobility. Orgrimmar also makes them a bit easier to handle, as it’s a more open setting than the one provided by Stormwind.

These madnesses and Orgrimmar will remain until next Tuesday with the coming realm reset. Once they do, we’ll return to Stormwind with a new set of madnesses. Make sure you get your Vision runs out of the way before next week so you can keep your cape upgraded!