World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Night Fae Covenant Receives Balance Tuning Ahead Of Expansion Release

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Night Fae Covenant Receives Balance Tuning Ahead Of Expansion Release
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

As World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes closer and closer, Blizzard is hard at work making sure the next expansion for the titanic MMORPG is released in as good of a state as possible.

After being forced to delay the game almost a full month to finish work on the title, Blizzard recently announced the new release date for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to be set at November 23rd, three weeks from today.

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Blizzard’s work tuning the game has continued on, with the beta now seeing testing for the Mythic difficulty of the first raid, Castle Nathria. Set in Revendreth, home of the Venthyr covenant, the raid marks the debut of Shadowlands raiding.

On the end of the Ardenweald, home of the Night Fae covenant that the players will be interacting with and possibly pledging their allegiance to, Blizzard has been working to make sure that the covenant has been properly tuned.

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As they continue to work, we recently saw a beta build go live that makes quite a few changes to the Night Fae covenant. These changes affect the three soulbinds, Dreamweave, Niya, and Hunt-Captain Korayn.

Dreamweaver has been given the most changes of the three soulbinds, but to be fair, that still only places the changes at… two. There are only four changes all in all, but given that these could radically affect one’s choice to join the Night Fae, it’s important to keep your eye out!

The Faerie Dust ability granted by Dreamweaver has had text added to clarify its effect. Set as a slow fall spell that auto-activates at 20 yards, Blizzard has specified that it works for thirty seconds and cannot occur more than once per minute.

Field of Blossoms has been buffed, making it so that flowers activated stay at your feet for 15 seconds. Unfortunately, it’s also been nerfed, as the flowers grant 12% haste instead of the original 15% haste bonus.

Niya’s Grove Invigoration has been changed in order to give more clarity as well, with no actual changes to the ability itself. Blizzard has clarified that it will stack up to 10 times, and that activating one’s Night Fae class ability will consume all Redirected Anima and grant 1% max health and 44 mastery per stack, up to 10% health and 440 mastery.

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Finally, Hunt-Captain Korayn’s Wild Hunt Tactics has been given a buff. This ability, when triggered, will now grant 15% increased movement speed for 5 seconds, a considerable buff from the original 10%.

These four changes are in the beta build, but expect to see more! We still have three weeks until the release of the title, so we’ll likely be seeing plenty more changes.