A Rundown Of The Changes In Elder Scrolls Online’s New Update 25

A Rundown Of The Changes In Elder Scrolls Online’s New Update 25
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Bethesda’s flagship franchise, The Elder Scrolls, has become a franchise to define the gaming genre by. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim brought players into beautiful worlds – but alone. Not content with only defining the RPG genre, Bethesda decided to release Elder Scrolls Online to bring their world of Tamriel to the MMORPG scene.

Since its release, Elder Scrolls Online, or ESO, has been added to and patched time and time again, with new content coming out incredibly frequently. The most recent of these is the massive patch that came this week, Update 25, and the new Harrowstorm DLC that just became available as well. We’ll be discussing the Update 25 to see what exactly makes this patch so important.

For starters, Update 25 is more than a simple patch. The update contains a variety of new features, fixes, and improvements that’ll improve the game for all ESO players. Best of all, as an update, it’s free of charge. This is refreshing compared to some devs that hide these improvements behind a purchasable DLC, forcing players to buy that content if they want to enjoy the improvements.

One of the main changes coming is the Patching Overhaul, which completely changes how the game client is downloaded, patched, and stored on local hard drives. This change does require all ESO players to redownload the game client in order to implement the changes, but once done, players will see massive improvements to the game’s loading time and reductions in hard drive space requirements for future updates. There’s a full rundown on everything being included with this patching overhaul written here, as well as information on a free pet for you to grab.

But while Harrowstorm comes with a variety of new PvE options, the updates still come with some great PvP rewards for players who enjoy fighting their fellow adventurers. The Knight of the Circle Armor and Weapon outfit styles are now obtainable by purchasing a Knight’s Resolve or Knight’s Rebuke from a War Researcher in Cyrodiil.

Combine your Knight’s Resolve with 20 Arena Gladiator Proofs for a random style page for armor in the Knight of the Circle style, with the weapon being obtainable by combining a Knight’s Rebuke with 40 Arena Gladiator Proofs. Make sure you complete your Conquest daily quests to obtain these proofs!

Update 25 is already live on PC/Mac, as is the Harrowstorm DLC. If you’re ready to go out there and meet all of the challenges waiting for you, then adventure awaits!