World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Dungeon Sanguine Depths Continues To Prove Exceedingly Difficult With New Mythic+ Affixes

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Dungeon Sanguine Depths Continues To Prove Exceedingly Difficult With New Mythic+ Affixes
Credit: IGN via YouTube

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, players spend a great deal of their time in endgame content pushing Mythic+ keys. For those unfamiliar with the content, Mythic+ dungeons provide a further PvE challenge through weekly rotating affixes and a timer for dungeons.

This week’s affixes are mostly familiar, the only exception being the new seasonal Prideful affix. At this point, Prideful has been active for quite a while, so even that will prove a familiar challenge for players that have been pushing high keys.

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The other three affixes – Fortified, Sanguine, and Quaking – have been active in Mythic+ for quite a while, so those that have been active in the content as well will recognize the challenges they present. This provides an easy adaptation for the new affixes.

However, one of the dungeons in the Shadowlands is still proving to be quite difficult despite the affixes being relatively easy in comparison to previous weeks. Many players are still finding the Sanguine Depths dungeon to be overwhelmingly difficult.

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Sanguine Depths is undoubtedly difficult, and while Fortified is easier than Tyrannical – many feel the second boss to be highly difficult with the Tyrannical buff – it’s still far from an easy challenge. Some of the trash in this dungeon, such as the room right after the third boss, can prove as difficult as the bosses.

But what most are finding difficult is the management of Sanguine and Quaking. If you’ve run Sanguine Depths, you know that there isn’t exactly a surplus of wide open space for players to spread out or move mobs.

Given that both Quaking and Sanguine need a good deal of movement and adjustment to be managed, the close quarters of Sanguine Depths provides a powerful challenge. Many players find themselves taking Quaking damage on accident due to close camera angles and an inability to move.

This is especially true for the fact that a great deal of the trash mobs in the dungeon are casters that seem hesitant to move. It’s highly common for a mob to stand in the Sanguine puddle their ally left behind, healing back up to full and remaining unmoved.

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Prideful can also be difficult to manage, as it’s extremely easy for players to accidentally pull extra groups in the Sanguine Depths. Doing so can throw off the count needed for a Manifestation of Pride, making it unavoidable to summon the formidable mob in the middle of a fight.

Still, Sanguine Depths is far from insurmountable. Do your best to be aware of your surroundings, be ready to force mobs to move if you have to, and try not to pull any unneeded trash. If you manage yourself well, you shouldn’t have any greater trouble clearing the dungeon than usual.