World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara Is Now Live, Second Update For Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft Rise of Azshara Is Now Live, Second Update For Battle for Azeroth
Credit: Blizzard

World of Warcraft’s second major update to the popular Battle for Azeroth expansion is now live. The update is bringing entirely new content to the MMO including new locations, mount equipment systems, and more. The game has seen many major patches like this since its initial release and players are happy to see their favorite game reaching more modern MMO standards.

Two new zones are ready to be explored in the game. Nazjatar is the capital city of the nagas and home to Azshara who serves as a boss at the end of the new eight-boss raid called Azshara’s Eternal Palace. With a whole new raid to conquer and the city of nagas finally available to be explored, players are gearing up for a whole new challenge.

The second new zone is a city called Mechagon in which players take on a new mythic-difficulty dungeon which has been called Operation Mechagon. The dungeon ends with a final confrontation against the mad king of Mechagon which is sure to serve a unique challenge against even the most veteran of players.

The new patch will also be adding Benthic gear which helps in the Nazjatar adventures. You can grind out the new soul bound currency called Prismatic Manapearls in the city that can be eventually traded for Benthic gear which can, in turn, be upgraded all the way to level 425. Gnomes and Taurens can also embark on special quests earning their own Heritage armor that will provide a unique racial bonus.

Mounts are no longer just a way to get around as the new patch adds a whole new mount equipment system allowing players to customize any mount with unique abilities. You can outfit some mounts with a walk on water. New Pathfinder achievements have been added giving you the ability to fly through the Kul Tiras, Mechagon, Nazjatar, and Zandalar zones.

The Heart of Azeroth system also features new customization options called Essences. These can give your character a variety of buffs and abilities depending on which is used. A new battle pet dungeon has also been added named Stratholme and it holds a couple of extra surprises for even the most experienced battle pet players.

Blizzard is currently celebrating 15 years of World of Warcraft and releasing a series of in-game and physical prizes for players to enjoy. After such long-run players are happy to see unique and refreshing content coming to their favorite MMO.