World Of Warcraft Patch 8.3 Public Test Realm Details Regarding New Corruption System

World Of Warcraft Patch 8.3 Public Test Realm Details Regarding New Corruption System
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

The World of Warcraft patch 8.3 is up for testing on the Public Test Realm. During the latest developer insights, Ion Hazzikostas mentioned about a new system replacing the warforging and titanforging systems – Corruption.

The latest update on the PTR added a vendor in the Heart of Chamber, which allows players to purchase raid gear for testing. The equipment has corruption stats, which are the future alternative to the current titanforged items.

The character details have an added row with Corruption, which will display your current Corruption level, Corruption resistance, and total Corruption. Gear with Corruption will proc randomly with the intensity depending on the corruption level of the item. The lowest percentages are from pieces of a corruption level up to ten, slightly higher rates on items with a corruption level between ten and twenty and maxing when the corruption level is twenty or above.

Possible effects on the Corrupted items can be such as:

– increase the amount of critical strike gained from all sources by x%,

– increase the amount of haste obtained from all sources by y%,

– reduces periodic damage taken by z% and so on.

Player characters also receive a negative debuff based on the Corruption level displayed in the character stats. Going over a threshold will not replace the current debuff; they are stackable.

10+ Corruption – ‘Grasping Tendrils’ – taking damage from any source has a chance to lower movement speed for X seconds.

20+ Corruption – ‘Corrupted Zone’ – spells and abilities have a chance to create a corrupted pool of shadow damage under the caster, damage, and size increases with more Corruption.

40+ Corruption – ‘Grand Delusions’ – taking damage from any source will have a chance to summon a minion, which will pursue the player for ten seconds.

60+ Corruption – ‘Creeping Death’ – all damage taken is increased significantly.

As a result of these possible changes, the community feels like the system will become more sporadic and random due to the potential effects which can be obtained on certain types of gear. This system is not so much of a replacement, as it could be considered an evolution of the Titanforging system.

The Game Director, Ion Hazzikostas, mentioned that the infinite progression slot on the neck, Hearth of Azeroth, will most likely increase Corruption resistance with each point placed in it, allowing hardcore players to use as many Corruption items as possible to min-max their stats.

The changes are not final on the Public Test Realm and are subject to change.