World Of Warcraft Classic Players Are Unsatisfied With The ‘NoChanges’ Honor Situation

World Of Warcraft Classic Players Are Unsatisfied With The ‘NoChanges’ Honor Situation
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

With the release of Classic WoW, many players expected the experience to be the same as it was back when it initially launched.

Sadly this is not the case as all information is known, the social aspect of the game is pretty much gone, and everyone looks to min-max every single thing in the game nowadays.

There are several servers where one faction outnumbers the other one and harras them regularly to grind out the required weekly honorable kills. Due to this, many players started quitting due to the impossibility of playing the game, while others leave due to no activities to be done after their victims are gone.

The modern World of Warcraft player has changed. People don’t play games the same way they did it in 2003. The methods are refined; the content has been explored; it’s all about efficiency now. The entire Honor system and PvP system of 2003 WoW is such an ill fit for a modern gaming setting; it’s outdated and just inefficient.

Back in vanilla, the social sandbox was the game itself. So players often spent time with nothing to do just totally thrilled to talk in chat, do random activities with guildies, and duel out in front of the capitals. But that’s how the world itself was in 2004. AOL and chat rooms were still a thing back then.

These days that’s unacceptable to players; they continuously need some carrot to chase. Which sort of gives some insight into how retail transformed into what it currently is. Blizzard realized players need things to do, so they turned their retail game into this sort of amusement park ride.

Most current classic players are players who are tired from retail and wanted to experience something new, but the griefing done by a faction or the other to reach high amounts of honorable kills every week is slowly killing the Classic WoW population.

With free transfers recently opened from faction-dominated servers, they’ve become a deserted wasteland with the other faction having no goal to chase from a PVP point of view. If Blizzard does not step it and adjust the current honor system not to require an absurd amount of honorable kills or fix the faction imbalances on some servers, then the Classic WoW subscribers will start leaving the game.

While most current Classic players profoundly approved the ‘#NoChanges’ movement, after experiencing it, they regret the lack of adjustments to some aspects, which are currently ruining the game.

Hopefully, Blizzard will step it in, adjust faction imbalance or update the honor system to modern standards, or the player base will be decimated.