World Finalist Jungler Broxah Officially Leaves Fnatic For Team Liquid For The 2020 Season

World Finalist Jungler Broxah Officially Leaves Fnatic For Team Liquid For The 2020 Season
Credit: Team Liquid via YouTube

For the past couple of days, before the free agency period was announced, many rumors were floating around the scene. One of them was that Broxah was not meshing well with his team and that Team Liquid approached him with an offer.

Yesterday the news became official with Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet, releasing a video announcing the new acquisition.

‘I feel honored and excited to be in a position where I will be aiming to improve what was perhaps the best North American roster ever,’ Broxah said after the news about his acquisition was released. ‘The team has the potential to make great things happen, and I am joining with a goal of doing just that,’ he added.

Over the past couple of years since joining Fnatic in LEC, Broxah has been the pivotal player in their wins. He helped the team win both the 2018 Spring and Summer Split Championships and pushed the team to the Worlds League of Legends Finals in 2018. The team was performing exceptionally well, and the fans were hoping for an EU victory, but their enemies from the LPL, Invictus Gaming, proved to be stronger.

Team Liquid has a very stacked roster with champions across all roles, former World Champion Impact in the top lane, domestic champion Jensen, domestic champion Doublelift and former World Champion CoreJJ. The recent departure of Xmithie left a big gap to be filled, but the community is confident that Broxah will fill that gap and give a better shot to the Team Liquid squad for the next season.

Team Liquid has been the best domestic LCS team for two years in a row, but their performance at the World Championship was lackluster, not managing to get out of groups for two years in a row.

In a heartfelt message to his fans, Broxah thanked his fans and his former teammates for the fantastic memories and experiences he had over the past years, allowing him to create his path to greatness. While he was thankful to his former teammates, he also mentioned that multiple underlying issues remained unresolved within the team this year, which lead to their downfall and lackluster performances in the World Championship.

How will Team Liquid perform is remained to be seen with the new roster, while Fnatic is left to fill their gap with a new jungler. According to recent rumors, the jungler targeted would be Selfmade, SK Gaming’s jungler, due to him having synergy with the mid-laner Nemesis from their previous teams.