With The Latest Patch For Spider-Man Remastered, Players May Now Link Their PC And PSN Accounts

With The Latest Patch For Spider-Man Remastered, Players May Now Link Their PC And PSN Accounts
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The data mines were accurate. The most recent patch, which enables players to link their Steam and PSN accounts while playing the game, contains code confirming a previous suggestion that Spider-Man Remastered may receive PSN integration at some point in the future.

Players can now link their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts in Spider-Man Remastered update version 1.1006.0.0 to receive the Resilient Suit and the Concussive Blast Gadget. In addition, you can also gain two free skill points, which is exactly what the data mines anticipated would happen. On the other hand, if you have already obtained these in-game goodies and have achieved the maximum level of 50, the only things you will receive are the following:
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Deals for PlayStation Studios titles that are available for the PC or PlayStation platforms.

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The very same data mines that indicated the linkage of these accounts also uncovered code that alluded to a PSN launcher. To this point, there has yet to be an announcement of such a launcher; however, Sony may be simply waiting for a few more of its formerly exclusive titles to release on PC before deciding whether or not it would be profitable to reveal such a launcher.

In other news about today’s patch, developer Insomniac Games has verified that support for the new XeSS technology from Intel, which can be found on the company’s latest Arc video cards, has been introduced to Spider-Man Remastered. In addition, FSR, a comparable AI-powered upscaling solution developed by AMD, has been updated to version 2.1.1, and DLSS 3 compatibility will be added shortly.

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An issue that created stuttering for users with the ray tracing option activated has been fixed. This bug was particularly unpleasant. In addition, Insomniac has stated that this update would improve the visual quality of ray-traced reflections and provide visual updates for a selection of the game’s cinematics when seen in the 32:9 aspect ratio. In addition, this version fixes a bug that, in some hardware setups, may result in the game crashing whenever the player enters a minigame.