Wild Pokemon Sword And Shield Subscription Service Is Released That Grants Cloud Storage For 6000

Wild Pokemon Sword And Shield Subscription Service Is Released That Grants Cloud Storage For 6000
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

Big, big news is out today for the latest expansion to the powerful Pokemon Universe. We were all super excited for the Pokemon Sword and Shield games for Nintendo Switch, and it turns out we should have been all along. These games are some of the best things to come out in years, and we have to acknowledge how good they are at all of the things they let us do. And that’s why these games are so great when you ultimately think about it.

Anyway, the newest addition is the awesome Pokemon Home, and Nintendo is finally reaching out to tell us how this new system will work. It has been a long time coming, but we are finally home fam. So sit down, get out your Pokedex, and get ready to take all of this is because it is truly great stuff!

This bad boy is a Pokemon cloud service program that all of these gamers can subscribe to if they want to boost their power levels in their favorite Pokemon games. That means you will finally be able to store up your Pokemon and make the best out of them with their powers. So get ready to get out there and make the best with the power you have because it all comes down to this.

First off, the subscription service will be available for everyone starting out at $3 a month or just $16 a year! That’s so cheap, and for that easy price, you can let yourself go crazy with 6000 slots for all kinds of Pokemon. That is more than you will ever need if you really think about it because even a completionist won’t need all of that room in the long run.

This is an absolutely incredible price for an absolutely incredible opportunity.

But is it really worth it? Well, it depends on what kind of player you think you are. If you are a true mega fan, then this is the perfect opportunity.

It helps to remember that Nintendo will eventually release some new DLC packages in the coming months that are going to allow everyone to get access to a whole host of brand new Pokemon types that are going to blow open the doors of reality here. So when you get out there make sure you allow yourself the ability to actually catch em all for once in your life. You will not regret it, that much is for sure.