EA’s Tetris Mobile Game Ceasing Support And Access This April

EA’s Tetris Mobile Game Ceasing Support And Access This April
Credit: Tetris Official Website

EA has announced it’s pulling a beloved block game from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, Tetris, in the near future. Even if players bought the game on their mobile device, the title will disappear forever in a few months.

The announcement was featured on the app store pages, which was missed by many who play the game or were interested in buying it.

Tetris is similar to the other versions of the puzzle block game available for decades. The game was reimagined for mobile devices. The Premium version, which is still for sale for $1.99, is ad-free and has no annoying interruptions often found in mobile games.

The title has the original Swipe and One-Touch controls in the traditional Tetris mode, a multi-level puzzle mode, and a progress tracker that can be shared with friends or worldwide.

The announcement on the mobile game pages states: “Hello Fans, we have had an amazing journey with you so far but sadly, it is time to say goodbye. As of April 21, 2020, EA’s Tetris app will be retired, and will no longer be available to play. Kindly note that you will still be able to enjoy the game and use any existing in-game items until April 21, 2020. We hope you have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of this game and we appreciate your ongoing support. Thank you!”

Tetris isn’t going away for good. While EA’s game is leaving mobile devices soon, there are several other versions of the game still available.

The news is devastating for many who bought the game. Buyers won’t receive refunds, and they’ll lose all access to their game. Any progress made will be lost forever.

Players who miss the mobile version of the game will be happy to learn that a new officially licensed version of the game is now available. N3twork has released a basic version of Tetris on Android and iOS. There is a free version with ads and the paid version with no ads is more expensive than EA’s version, costing $4.99. The release comes before the launch of Tetris Royale, which is still in development.

EA’s Tetris will be permanently retired on the App Store and Play Store on April 21.