Week 2, Day 2 Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 2, Day 2 Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The second week of LCS was quite intensive.

FlyQuest pulled an upset against Dignitas, after those defeated Team Liquid in the first day.

Evil Geniuses vs Team Solo Mid

Aatrox / Kindred / Le’Blanc / Aphelios / Thresh vs. Sett / Gragas / Zoe / Xayah / Rakan

Team Solo Mid has finally redeemed itself. While the draft was good for both teams, Team Solo Mid was able to execute their draft better. Jizuke was underperforming this game, and while Bang tried to keep up his team afloat with Aphelios, Team Solo Mid was sieging and pushing constantly, not allowing EG to breathe.

A fight around Baron Nashor sealed the fate of Evil Geniuses and they were defeated.

100 Thieves vs Cloud 9

Aatrox / Jarvan / Le’Blanc / Miss Fortune / Leona vs Camille / Lee sin / Morgana / Senna / Nautilus

100 Thieves had a good draft but were unable to execute it. Cloud 9 had an answer to every lane from 100 Thieves. Camille was farming Aatrox, Morgana was not allowing Le’Blanc to snowball and Senna alongside Nautilus were getting kills with every Nautilus ultimate -> Senna root – > Senna ultimate.

100 Thieves have been looking quite poor in this LCS season, their players are all underperforming and getting dumpstered.

Flyquest vs Dignitas

Aatrox / Jarvan / Rumble / Senna / Alistar vs Sett / Lee sin / Ekko / Aphelios / Thresh

After the upset yesterday by Dignitas against Team Liquid, the community expected Dignitas to stomp Flyquest, but Flyquest proved to be a worthy opponent. Powerofevil with his Rumble mid lane was an absolute beast, he was styling on Froggen and exerting so much pressure that Dignitas needed to funnel resources into mid-lane constantly.

Flyquest got all objectives but 1 baron, which allowed them to push fairly easily into the base of Dignitas and secure a safe victory.

Team Solo Mid  vs Counter Logic Gaming

Ornn / Qiyana / Syndra / Xayah / Rakah vs Sylas / Olaf / Le’Blanc / Senna / Tahm Kench

Team Solo Mid have found themselves, they were able to have a very clean game again on the second day of the second week. All 5 players have great synergy, which allows them to exert a lot of pressure and secure objectives with no issues by having a back-up plan.

While Wiggily tried to carry his team to victory with a mean Olaf, he was not able to do much vs Team Solo Mid composition.

That is all for Day 2 of Week 2 coverage of LCS 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.