Week 3, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By Scairtin

Week 3, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The third week of LEC began an intensive match-up between the bottom tier teams, Mad Lions against SK Gaming.

While the top 4 is clear between Origen/G2 Esports/Fnatic/Rogue, the bottom tier teams standings are unclear.

MAD Lions vs SK Gaming

Gangplank / Lee Sin / Le’Blanc / Miss Fortune / Bard vs Ornn / Elise / Diana / Aphelios / Braum

MAD Lions had a wonderful game, they were able to secure all objectives with no pressure from SK Gaming, while the bottom lane of SK Gaming was maintaining composure, the rest of the team was getting absolutely demolished. Orome had an excellent on Gangplank against Ornn, farming very well and being able to reach his power spikes to impact the team fights much sooner compared to his counterpart.

FC Shalcke 04 – Misfits Gaming

Mordekaiser / Jarvan / Zoe / Miss Fortune / Nautilus vs Aatrox / Lee sin / Diana / Senna / Braum

Forgiven’s return to the LEC is unsuccessful so far, he hasn’t been able to win a single game, Schalke is 0-5 currently and is looking to be the 9th or 10th place team this season. While there was some sign of hope from the mid-laner in the previous games, this game was an absolute stomp, Shalcke did not get a single kill vs Misfits, led by Febiven.

Misfits are having really good games after a shaky start of the season. If they keep improving, they might be able to reach the top 5.

Fnatic vs Excel

Urgot / Olaf / Syndra / Miss Fortune / Thresh vs Gangplank / Jarvan / Le’Blanc / Senna / Tahm Kench

The UK representatives in the LEC had a really good game against each other. Youngbuck has taught the rookies a lot in Excel and had an opportunity to show his coaching skill results against his former team, Fnatic.

The game was very close for the most part, both teams had good plays and traded objective for an objective. Excel was quite ahead at one point, but a failed play to kill Bwipo’s Urgot cost them a lot of tempo and pressure.

Fnatic was able to capitalize and secure Baron Nashor after one failed play by Excel, which allowed them to clean up the teamfight and push to end the game.

Rogue vs G2 Esports

Aatrox / Lee Sin / Le’Blanc / Senna / Tahm vs Soraka / Gragas / Sett / Aphelios / Nautilus

G2 Esports is continuing to style on people with Soraka in the top lane. While Rogue did put up a decent fight and almost out-tempoed G2 Esports, their setup was much stronger, Soraka was sitting in the backline and healing the team while they were dishing out tons of damage.

While the game could have gone cleaner for G2 Esports, they did win in the end and that is all that matters.

That is all for Day 1 of Week 3 coverage of LEC 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.