VR Ping Pong Pro Set To Be Released In September For PSVR

VR Ping Pong Pro Set To Be Released In September For PSVR
Credit: Merge Games

Merge Games and Reddoll have announced that VR Ping Pong Pro will be coming to PSVR this September. This will be the sequel to the 2016 release of VR Ping Pong and will be bringing eight new levels, new customization options and some online multiplayer for fans to enjoy.

The game does not require you to play online as a full single-player mode is available for you to have all the ping pong fun you could imagine. Experience the roaring crows, the epic lighting, and the bouncing of a ball side by side on a medium sized table.  This game is perfect for any ping pong enthusiasts that want to have a more competitive challenge.

The press release for this game shows that it will be a digital launch for PSVR and PC headsets. There is currently no confirmed date for it to be released other than some time in September of 2019, but many are sure that it won’t be too late into the month. The game’s main attraction is, of course, ping pong but there is a tournament mode being implemented to allow both online and local competitive play.

Mini-games have been added to help you hone your skills at digital trick shots and for a more relaxing experience outside the main game. The environments are photo-realistic, and you are the center of the action as you can play in multiple different areas.

The engine runs on keeps real-life physics in mind allowing spin mechanics and natural feeling gravity to heighten the experience. You will feel as if you’re there as you bounce the digital ball across the table. This game is one of many improving its engine to give a more authentic feel to digital sports. We are sure to see more of its kind in the future as time goes on.

Express yourself with fully customizable rackets that can change to serve both practical purposes and cosmetics. Changing your paddle could help change your service and improve your performance overall. The game does its best to simulate a real ping pong experience, so the style does matter.

For fans of ping pong, you can expect it this game to be a fun home experience. It is unknown if voice chat will be allowed in multiplayer matches, but you should be able to challenge friends who also own a copy. Keep your eyes open as it hits digital stores sometime in September.