Violence Blood Partial Nudity And In Game Purchases Bayonetta 3 Received An Age Rating From The ESRB

Violence Blood Partial Nudity And In Game Purchases Bayonetta 3 Received An Age Rating From The ESRB
Credit: GN24

It looks like the release of the triquel is getting closer.
Netizens began to pay attention to the fact that the ESRB organization issued an age rating for the third Bayonetta.

Bayonetta 3 is rated M for Mature. The description states that the slasher will contain violence, blood, obscene language, and partially nude characters. In addition, some in-game purchases will appear in the title.

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The game was announced in 2017, but the authors have only shared information about it a few times since then. The plot of Bayonetta 3 will tell about how supernatural creatures attacked Tokyo, with whom the main character, a witch named Bayonetta, will have to fight.

The release of Bayonetta 3 is scheduled for 2022, but there is no exact date yet. Earlier it became known that Yusuke Miyata, the lead designer of the canceled Scalebound, is the head of the triquel ‘s development.

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In a previous post, As part of the September directive, Nintendo and PlatinumGames showed Bayonetta 3 for the only time since the notification of the triquel at the end of 2017, demonstrating a new look for the witch and gameplay.

On the studio’s website, game director Yusuke Miyata stated that players should watch the trailer at least a few times, as there are little things in it that the authors did not directly point out.

The video is full of details, and fans have already begun to promote at least one theory – some believe that the trailer shows the wrong Cereza, the heroine of the first games.

The theory is supported at least by the fact that Seresa’s hairstyle from the trailer is almost identical to that of her young version in the first part – down to the position of individual curls and the shape of the pigtails.

The choice of a new actress to play Seresa also contradicts the theory. Even before the Hellen trailer was released, Taylor stated that fans would have to get used to Bayonetta without her voice – while she also said that she could not go into details due to a non-disclosure agreement, which hints at her at least some involvement in the project.