US Still A Dominant Player In Hardware Security Module Market; But China Is Not About To Be Left Behind

US Still A Dominant Player In Hardware Security Module Market; But China Is Not About To Be Left Behind
Credit: REAL security via YouTube

A new report on the hardware security module shows the US is still the leading market for this segment.

The report, titled, the “Global Hardware Security Module Market Growth 2019-2024” shows that the US corners more than a third of the market. This is followed by the EU, which corners about 24% of the market.

However, China is clearly a growing market after registering 14.5% in market share. However, the Chinese market is growing at a blistering 18% each year.

Meanwhile, the market is dominated by a few players, particularly HP Enterprise Development, Thales E-Security inc. Ultimaco, and Gemalto NV. The report ran a profile of these companies to give readers a better idea of what they can offer.

A hardware security module refers to the computing device that manages and secures digital keys. This is material in boosting authentication security, as well as in crypto-processing. The external device can be plugged into the computer or a network server.

But the other companies are covered, as well. These companies include IBM. Futurex, SWIFT, Yubico, and Ultra-Electronics. The report is seen to help the companies gain an insight into the growth factors of the industry. They will also learn the best practices and strategies adopted by the Hardware Security Modules of the companies profiled in the report.

It also provides an insight into the projected landscape five years from now.

They will also learn the opportunities that await them in the industry. On the flip side, they will also learn the risks of the hardware security module. They will also learn the challenges and the pitfalls that they can avoid.

The best thing is that the hardware security module companies included in the research are willing to share their experiences. This will help you learn the tricks of the trade, as well as best practices, without necessarily spending more on what could become an expensive proposition. The key trends that are emerging now will have a drastic impact on the industry. But what are these key trends, and why are they classified as emerging? Those are that will be answered in the report.

However, it won’t come off as cheap. For instance, a single-user license will cost upwards of $3600, while a corporate user license will double that price.

If you want to know more about how the hardware security module works, watch the video for a brief explanation.